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Colin Powell's Smoking Guns Come Out Blazing


Gregory J. Rummo

When did liberals ever let something like the law stand in their way? Only they know what is best for America so obviously obstacles like the will of the people can be overlooked, especially when it concerns war.

Recall the events in Florida in November 2000 when Democrats ignored the rule of law regarding elections and more recently here in New Jersey when they pulled a similar stunt by replacing a disgraced Robert Torricelli with Frank Lautenberg on the ballot for US Senate after the deadline for such replacements had passed.

It should come as no surprise then, that despite Saddam Hussein’s clear violation of UN Resolution 1441, liberals in Washington, aided and abetted by their friends in the mainstream media, are up to their old tricks.

They think they can simply ignore what was decreed by the UN, make up their own rules on the fly and you and I will be stupid enough to fall for their sappy logic.

Maybe this is a subconscious slip on their part, revealing deep down inside just how irrelevant even they think the UN has become. Irrelevant or not, UN Resolution 1441 is the rule of law regarding the rules of engagement on the battlefield in Baghdad.

For those who still insist on a smoking gun, Bob Schieffer’s interview of Colin Powell on Face the Nation this past weekend provided all the smoke that’s necessary.

As hysterical protesters were marching in Washington, blaming President Bush for bringing the world to the brink of war in the Middle East, the Secretary of State calmly explained, “The President is trying every means not to go to war. But the decision to go to war is in the hands of Saddam Hussein. This is a man who has weapons of mass destruction. He has used them against his own people. He has used them against his own neighbors. UN 1441 has said disarm. If he disarms, then there will be no war. The burden is on him… We cannot allow Saddam Hussein to deny his responsibilities. We cannot step back from this challenge.”

UN Resolution 1441 puts the onus on Saddam Hussein. It’s clearly not George Bush’s war or even the US’s war.

Powell continued, “Is …Saddam Hussein serious about disarming? Is he cooperating with the inspectors in that disarmament process? If he is not, if he is continuing to try to hide things, if we have to keep discovering rockets that were undeclared that were supposed to carry chemical warheads, if we continue to find that documents having to do with nuclear weapons have been hidden in the homes of scientists, then it doesn’t make any difference how long we let the inspection go on.”

Schieffer, apparently still not getting it, asked Powell precisely what it is Iraq must do to avoid a war.

Powell answered, “…They are not cooperating. …What we wanted from them under UN Resolution 1441 was a full, complete and accurate declaration. …There are questions about what they did with anthrax… with botulinum toxins, with all kinds of horrible biological and chemical agents that they have not accounted for. They have not reported to the council what they might or might not have done with respect to nuclear weapons. That is what we are looking for—full disclosure.”

If you are growing weary of Saddam’s game of hide the weapons of mass destruction you aren’t alone. President Bush, who last week said he was “sick and tired” of Hussein’s nonsense, blasted world leaders saying, “This business about more time — how much time do we need to see clearly that he's not disarming?"

It would save us all a lot of trouble if Saddam would simply leave Iraq—several countries have made him an offer of asylum—if Iraqi leaders would open up their books revealing where all of the stashes of WMD have been hidden, if the Iraqi people would then hold democratic elections and a moderate leader was chosen to rule their country.

But Saddam is a terrorist who has proven he will kill anyone including his own people to stay in power.

Liberals are often confused when the rule of law conflicts with their self-anointed agendas. When you heap on the added ugliness of a war, they simply don’t have the stomach to deal with it.

Now is not the time for confused thinking. Please get out of the way.

Gregory J. Rummo is a syndicated columnist. His website is

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