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No faith
You're supposed to love me
You shoot me down every chance you get
Everyone tells me you value are time together
Do you?
All you do is argue with me
You ground me for feeling
Reward me for being callous
Do you know what love even means?
Obviously the way you deal
With the situation doesn't work
Why are you afraid of change?
Why don't you give me the credit I deserve?
I try to get away every chance I get
You wonder why
Put yourself in my shoes
You can't even do that anymore
You try to keep me from following in your footsteps
But every time I steer clear
You pull me back
With your discouraging words
Every praise is immediately
Preceded and succeeded by a fault
You love to point them out
I'm becoming your clone
And I hate it
I will cherish every moment with my children
Go out of my way
To ensure their happiness
I refuse to let my children wonder
Does their father love them?
I will not be you
I love you
But I will not be you

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