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Gloria C. Herrmann

Uncertain rage
Trapped inside your age
Emotions reeling
Though confused by this feeling
Not too old
Far too bold
Not too young
Breathe life into your lung
Is it your heart
Tearing you apart
Pulled in so many directions
Cursed by so many reflections
Past, present, future
They stare at the creature
Convinced you will be the same
Though they feel age is to blame
Looking back
They should have cut you some slack
Try harder to understand
That the words from that band
Werenít at fault
Pressure and under assault
Strangling adolescence
Smothered by television violence
When you sleep
They start to creep
Cramming your self into something tight
Burning eyes from the weathered light, with them you fight
Enemies and friends
Everything sort of depends
Nothing for sure
Still trying to find the cure
For mood swings
Victim of flings
He didnít really like her
But liked the way she made it purr
She thought he was so nice
Heart staying warm in ice
On the way to school
Bringing out the fool
Closet opening
Closet closing
Finding refuge
Feeling neither small nor huge
Caught in the in between
Crucified for being a teen

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