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Chaos Perfected. The Idea of Words.


Gareth Wheeler

Chaos perfected,
chaos rules
by divine rule,
we are the
we can be who
we wish,
we are immaculate,
in human form,
a part of the
cosmic whole,
cosmic hole,
forever we will
chaos rules.

and who knows
what can be
the beat
and the beat
plays on,

bass tickles
dog rapture
on fur tounge
lines on lines
table of dreams,
movement movement
a voice
upon voices
to the wind
memory of me
spin me,
light me
a word
in your ear.

Spoken word,
and my voice
reflection in perfection,
tobacco smoke blues,
half-eaten toast,
within pulses,
paper can be
used for many purposes,
the one I know
is this,
my vibration,
my vibration,
a moment captured,
in digital playback.

You talked to me
last night
and whilst we
was in that moment
clarity and now
movement takes me
on to new
and new openings
for I am free
can you be me?
in this moment
you can be me,
I am eternal,
flower flow
fuck suck chaos juice.

A silver leaf
and a ring marked
by time,
barefoot across skin,
marked lines
work toward me
but not through
me I am,
I am,
I am,
I am a wild dog
rabid angel
mayonaise high,
sonority tone
times eight,
octave sock,
hair of the god
of love.
Wiping feet,
people move
in mysterious ways,
hair like peaks
on the needle,
vibrational vocoder,
vocal calibrations,
talk of dawning
goldust for fire
fire for soul
soul for four-four
you are alive
you are a star
you are a star
you are on tour
you are a part
of the whole.

Current events,
take me to your leader,
lead me into,
into your valley,
going back
going back
going in all directions
one directions
can be anywhere
can be anywhere,
take control
of the uncontrollable
here could be here.
A shiver down
your spine,
a child is born
and becomes
a part of,
the whole,
a walk in my shoes,
my shoes don't fit me,

cap the bottle,
future events,
eyelash cry,
soul star pie,
love is wrong
because it can
hurt newcomings.
Your Head,
is made from bread,
I said your head
is made from bread,
I said
but I could not say,
five senses,
I tasted you,
your me,
liquid me,
true being you,
you being true,
a sunset of blue clouds,
eclipsed by quiet,
a memory of madness.

The smoke
tripped from your eyes
whilst light poured
from your head,
your inner eye
is smiling,
smiling like
a thousand tiny moments,
a dream everlasting,
dream your minds eye
awaken your eye
and dream your reality
chaos still rules
whilst mice still rule.
Dog noise,
'yeah I have Lou'
there is no stop,
no start,
no stop,
no start,
all stop,
all start,

the screen,
full view
understand NOW!
not here,
not here,
there NOW!
Blessed are we,
and flow of the end
of flow,
off the end,
off flow
of flow of the end,
off flow of the end
of flow
flows forever on,
the beginning
never begun,
the begun,
began the beginning,
sung the
sang the song,
sung in
singularity duality.
The spoken word
the written word
I wrote
the spoken word
I spoke the word,
the word was spoken,
wrote on spoken word,
was written,
first was spoken,
we spoke the written word,
we put down in words
the spoken language
of what was thought,
the idea of words.

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