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Awe to Nature


Gabriele Marks

Dark thunderstorm clouds
in the sky
The wind
whirls the leaves around
They dance
like ballet dancers
on the dusty pavement

I'm thrilled and
fully aware
of nature's power

A heavenly spectacle
The clouds
The wind
The static in the air

Now I can hear
the first thunder roar
sounding like a lion
defending his territory

The first drops of rain
are falling
Kisses on my warm skin

I suck it all in
embrace it

The sweet melody
of the wind
louder and louder
in my ears

I can feel it now
inside of me
The tension
There is
a thunderstorm
in my brain

My conscience roaring
Clouds of thoughts colliding
Thunder and lightning
in my head

I have to calm down
have to soothe
my conscience
Sort out my thoughts
I have to let them flow
like the little rivers
of rain flow along
the rimstone

It clears up now
everything is over

The last drops are falling
cause they don't want to say

The first sunrays
are sneaking through the
bed of clouds
They engage with
the raindrops and
the soaked world around
Make everything sparkle and
like diamonds

The storm in my head
calmed down too
My conscience
is at ease
and my thoughts
inspired me

but I can't wait
for the next one
to appear

'cause I love
the immense power
of nature
and the brainstorming
inside of me
so much

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