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G. Scott Compton

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"This poem originally served a purpose to help others and always will just by the nature of its intent; nevertheless, since 911 and the personal complications my life has come upon, it has really become a guide for my own introspection.

There are times when I like to imagine hearing the firm voice of a politician, perhaps even the President, reading this poem aloud. Its applications are endless and have never been more real than now when you take a hard look at our world. I wish it sat in the pockets, next to the hearts of every U.S. troop, the starving children and the lonely and unloved. I simple want to see someone else benefit from the power of these words, to live and breathe them so as to uncover their hidden strength."



To the strong soul who learns to defy his or her own fears.

Life is a test insistent upon strength
Each person is challenged at analogous lengths
Yet the vie to subsist will exhaust the timorous some
For the Lord's race is imputed to run

This is to avow: you must believe
As you are special...allow no one to deceive
For what you have learned will make you stronger
If only to love and be loved one day longer

Others may look upon the Sun going down
A vanishing hope, the benighted frowns
But you must learn to see the resilience of the night
As a testament to each given your unforgiving might

Thus revere your kin and formative youth
Whilst both bleed one's vigor to nourish this truth:
Strength is innate and must be held deep inside
A rule in life's book by which everyone should abide

So tonight when the Sun has given up and retired
Look upon the day and all that which you have inspired
For everything you wish for will someday come true
Your strength is there....your strength is YOU!

Copyright 2004 G. Scott Compton

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