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Now That You're Alone


Frank Williams

I'm sorry your last relationship didn't work out, 
but it's time for you to move on,
and find the love the old folks talk about,
and maybe I will be the one.

Now that you're alone, there's something I've got to ask,
can I be the one who makes you feel the best,
the guy who's love will last and
triumph above the rest.

I've tried to get your attention any way that I can,
and nothing's got it yet,
but with the most meaningful poem I've ever written,
it's gonna get it, I bet.

It may not take long to write such words,
but they're filled with a lifetime of hope,
hope to get a love that comes from the Lord,
and if you say no, I don't know how I'd cope.

I'm so tired of being by myself,
and something in my life has to go,
we need to be in each other's lives just by ourselves, 
but only if you say so.

I hope that you will be mine,
and accept all the love I have to show,
but if you say no or yes, I guess I'll be fine
'cause I just really want to know.

I just want you to be happy,
and I'll do the best that I can,
but I'd bet you'd be a lot happier,
if I were your man.

I know I'm not a perfect man,
but I've done the best that I've known,
and I promise I'll be there for you whenever I can, 
now that you're alone.

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