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Now That I'm Alone


Frank Williams

Too bad that girl had to say no,
I guess I'm better off on my own,
I wonder if it would have worked out anyway,
the answer to that question is unknown.

Now that I'm alone, who knows 
if I'll fall in love again,
I know it wont be anytime soon,
my heart still needs time to mend.

I tried to think of ways to make her happy,
And I told her how I feel,
I said I wont lie and I'm down for her,
but she didn't take what I said for real,

I even told her how she makes me feel,
but it still didn't make her mine,
I used all the love I had in vain,
I basically wasted my time.

Time is not a factor now,
since she finally told me no,
I've now got time to get her off my mind,
and its time to let her go.

I'm not saying that's what I want,
but I don't have a choice,
it hurts to say well never be,
you can hear the pain in my voice.

The next time I ask a girl out,
I wont be so naive,
Ill do better to show my love for her,
and Ill make sure that she believes.

I know one day Ill fall in love again,
and find someone to call my own,
until then Ill find a way to pass the time,
Now that I'm alone.

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