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The Reluctant Hero


Frank Blacharczyk

The loved

and the unloved the lost and the found

the amused

the confused and the misused

The crowd

grew like blades of grass becoming a faceless sound

The speaker

spoke of peace and prosperity and their enemies

The vision

of God the god he created

for the benefit of those who would believe anything

The silent

the nurtured the spoiled and the submissive

are bewitched and believing

A man hears

many voices in his head but fear is the loudest

looking around the exits were quickly disappearing

The reluctant hero

escaping fear’s security selfishness vanity

throwing sanity like a football

kicking television’s betrayal in its ungodly smile

“Who are these enemies?” asked the reluctant hero

The speaker cleared her throat

raising her hand and pointing with an ungodly smile


you you and you…”

In the pit were swords shields spears skeletons

And the crowns of kings who sent them to die

Carved in stone written as heroes

with the same patriotic words repeated repeated repeated

And the children didn’t understand

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