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Mirror Mirror


Frank Blacharczyk

She sat at the end of my bed

We talked we laughed normally

A casual conversation sprinkled with laughter

uncertain if she was now my friend

I ran up the stairs looked into the mirror

It was me it wasn’t me

I ran down the stairs expecting to see nothing

She was waiting for me

Sitting at the foot of my bed

I lay down looked around the scene was unfamiliar

The spot light was on us

And the background staged

Unexpected words comforted me

As I stared in disbelief

I ran up the stairs and looked into the mirror

It wasn’t me it was me

I ran down the stairs hid under the covers

And looked to see if she was still there

She spoke to me expecting me as if I never left

Carrying on as if there was a commercial break

She never moved and on cue

She spoke to me like we were friends

She laughed and spoke like our past was normal

The audience was silent and pretended not to be there

Their participation was getting popcorn and drinks

It was her it wasn’t her

And again I looked to the mirror for answers

It was me it wasn’t me

I ran down the stairs to see her waiting

I wanted this to be real a happy ending

being caught in a smoky black and white

I began swimming for the nearest exit

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