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Arguing with Myself


Frank Blacharczyk

Lazarus Lazarus wake up wake up Lazarus

The sun is setting the moon is nowhere to be found

Lazarus Lazarus come out and see what man can do

The alarm clock goes off no one wakes up

And no one wants to wake up

No one will wake up

Man needs hope to carry his worries

Moses split the Red Sea someone split an atom 

but who can break an unforgiving heart

God is not a puppet on a string

God is not a hand puppet sitting on your knee

but puppets spoke the people listened and gave

Listen for peace itís a song sung off key

Restless lips for an angry generation

Profiting from those who wonít wake up

under the influence the crowd cheered the drunkardís speech

only to forget it next morning

People buy and buy some more and buy even more

an excuse here an excuse there excuses everywhere

The alarm clock goes off no one wakes up

and no one wants to wake up

When I stop to think I see a confusing picture

My dear I am lost and the way is not what I dreamt

What I hear is not what I heard

At the most inconvenient time my enemy unexpectedly

runs into me like that last drink I didnít need

Behind my guilt I plead not guilty

Tearing my troubled mind with the guilt I love

So weak I continue to plead my innocence

until the fog lifts by the grace of God

I hope

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