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A Trick of the Mind


Frank Blacharczyk

Staring out the window watching the trees grow day by day

No matter where he ran he could no longer hide from himself

Night was his solace sleep was his tranquilizer

Writing his own script he became the lead actor

a new character a new movie new challenges

Nothing goes wrong he wins the day like a hero should

Everything is in colour the colour he paints for himself

a movie begins but abruptly ends lights go out

every fear in hiding comes out to play

taking its place in front of the camera helpless like a spectator

he acts out his part like a puppet on strings helpless

Trick of the mind a sleight of hand slipping sliding

into a movie hes the star but not the beloved hero

the actors look familiar the script he wrote is put into action

The clock floating the hands moving
Grasping with all his strength he tries to push

the hands of time back but like feathers his arms fall off

Hiding behind the mountains tethered to the whims of the earth

Sleep my dear sleep as the world burns

As the world burns he watches it on TV with a shrug and a snack

His eye-lids open to a new sunrise only to hide under the covers

The way he sees it black and white until the sun sets again

Where have all the dreams gone

Where have all the heroes gone

Waiting for the curtain to open

when the eyelids call it a day

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