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Naked Face


Fay Black

Every time you looked at me,
My heart would beat faster,
I'd take in huge gulps of air
As you came nearer and closer.

A jolt of thrill'd shoot thru' me,
As you minimized the distance,
Overwhelmed by the warmth of your love for me,
I'd silently rejoice your caress.

But now I know I was wrong;
The disgraceful intention of your endearment,
You never had an ounce of love for me
Your need was physical amusement.

You discovered my emotional weakness
To drive me towards your goal;
Fake promises of being Cupid's choice,
Satisfied the carnal craving of your soul.

Foe you, I was just like any other woman,
With bodily parts in place,
The few flaws in my disproportionate figure,
Caused you ceaseless complaints.

All you wanted me for
Was to satisfy your need.
You did take great effort, though,
Not to plant in me, a seed.

Would have gone quite well for you,
Had I no soul and morals,
No emotional wants, no non-materialistic needs,
Ands acted just like consumables.

How easy it'd been for you,
If I had embraced this truth without protest,
Subjected myself to your whims 'n' fancies,
Never troubling you as a pest.

Could've been one with no goal,
No need for acknowledgement,
No interests, passion, likes or dislikes
Never causing your desires detriment.

I'd then not be sitting in solitude,
Weeping waves of tears,
Nurturing the painful blows to my heart,
Wondering when can my life be in cheers.

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