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Faith Cheltenham

(An ode to Marion Zimmer-Bradley)

JESUS was in my Jacuzzi last night, He sat in the back as I a fool and
afloat, sputtered and grinned, rising from the ash of all my
previously immortal sins.
Wrinkled like raisins me and the Kid kicked it, enjoying the steam and
I wondered if he'd like to trade places me and him, so he could see
what it was like to be a proud feminist pagan black half-dyke who's
got the goddess within.
We decided to embark on a journey, back to the land where She first
made THE mistake, according to a super book that's actually had a lot
of give and take.
LET'S HIDE, hide, hide in the grass and watch Me, deciding to bleed,
blink and I'll drop it, so instead it'll be Adam that offers that
apple to Eve.
It tastes so crisp and damn juicy golden delicious, when this time the
MAN becomes the missus.
And now I'M THE FAVORITE, unstained back from battle, truces of tea
and cake, never to wake and fear that snake. Less this "trouble"
perhaps good works on earth might even double. Or maybe when women
rule the world, there will be men who'll chant in MY place asking for
a return of THEIR stolen grace.
WHO CAN imagine? A life where Woman did not betray Man?
Loosed and lovingly lost to a different path, I and He now turn the
page to a different past.
Smoke and fire, Dido on the burning pyre; thousands of years of death:
sink, float or fly, either way back in the day they made bitches like
me die!

We birthed forth the world and still bleed.
So Jesus and I walk through millions of pages; we swim through the too
many tears that have fallen from female faces.
I begin to shudder and shake, suddenly I'm remembering what it was
like to fear snakes.
Just about to take a tumble when at that very moment Her hand steadied
the inside of me, holy hell is it possible that Jesus was really a
Sprung from this dream, I awaken, floating in a near empty Jacuzzi.
Only to the stars then did I whisper this ballsy blasphemy: Me, and
Jesus and The Goddess makes three--could not this be a holier trinity?

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