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Life Sans Love


Fahima Yousouf

Love- the fire that enkindles life
And crosses all hardships and barriers
One cannot be human without this gem
We need it to pull us thru’ the years.

We’re lucky not to be born as loners
Parents are truly a God-send
And friends and kith and kin
Also a special someone with whom we blend.

But is this true for everyone?
Do our loved ones truly love us?
What if they’re not typical beings?
What if they turn their backs on us?

What if we get no compassion?
What if their concern reduces to an inkling?
Even if we give them the moon
But, in the end, we’re left with nothing!

So are relatives and friends just a compulsion,
For us to fulfill certain duties?
To live as a son, friend, brother and parent
And give others all bounties?

Does our quest for love lead to no avail?
Is the way out to be a love-provider?
And allow others experience the joy
When, we ourselves become the fire-bearer?

Now what happens when our hunt
Reaches a dead end?
Does wasting time for this mythical feel
Become the general trend?

So can we conclude that love is non-existent?
God never created it,
It is not inevitable as we imagined,
It was man who designed it.


This answer is a universal truth
With the focus shifted to a divine undertaking,
God promises to care for His creations
He, the Almighty is Ever-Loving.

He assures to be of assistance,
He created us with a reason,
He is the Universal Provider,
We accept this without fear of treason.

Now my heart alights as I find a solution,
I have come to the end of my quest
I know He, the Unseen, truly loves me
What he bestows on me, IS THE BEST.

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