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Challenged to Live


Fahima Yousouf

Wounds will heal with time
Scars will vanish in course,
Aches will subside with treatment
But how does one deal with a loss?

A loss inevitable, a loss mandatory
A loss without which my life would have been screwed,
So why do I complain, you may ask,
When Im supposed to be elated.

Why do I think I cherish old memories?
When it has all been only painful;
When all I had received was hurt,
Why do I imagine to have been blissful

The single questions nags my troubled mind,
Will I find someone to fill the space?
Someone good and of humane nature,
And a lot less abusive than my previous.

What is the way to get out of this mental turmoil,
To find peace and contentment in my pursuits,
Why do I think I need the right partner,
To face boldly the worlds threats?

Do I need a guardian and protector,
To shield me from the perils of life?
Will I achieve honors,
When Im found in a man and wife?

We came all alone to this planet
And will leave as a single soul
So its only logical that every trial,
Should be faced in an autonomous role.

God gave us parents and family to support,
Till we grow wings and can fly on our own,
We are taught that independence is a virtue,
And not to give anyone a groan!

He has given us enough strength,
To project individuality with confidence,
Trust in Him alone will enable us
To cross hurdles without assistance.

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