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I Wish You'd Die Tonight


Evan Cole

what are you thinking about tonight sleepy little star?
if i wish on you are you going to break my heart?
if my wish dies when it leaves my lips
i'll crush you little star
i'll break your shine and scatter it across the moon
at least she's never failed me,
she's always there when i need her
sleepy little star that shines dimmer each night
why can't you be closer than you are?
you are just beyond my finger tips,
you are a little out of reach.
damn you little star, i wish you'd just go away
each twinkle makes you seem so much brighter than before
each second that bleeds by shows me how you mock me
how you hate me, how you love me
maybe little star, i'll die tomorrow
and join you in lighting up the night sky
maybe little star you'll die tomorrow
and you'll help me in lighting up my lifeless little heart
and your death little star will embrace me in living with the light
and so sleepy little star, wish i may wish i might
my wish is for you to die tonight
wish i may wish i might my wish is for you to die tonight

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