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Ernie S. Ellis

We met in Grade School

in a tiny little town.

We were friends, partners, playmates,

and terrors of the playground.

Sometimes we were cowboys,

Sometimes Cops or Army heroes,

And how we got out of those tight spots,

I guess none of us really knows.

We had our problems,

Each one our very own.

But not even once 

did we have to face them alone.

We stuck together through Grade School,

And made it to Junior High,

And always we encouraged each other,

to reach for the sky.

Even through High School 

we never did part.

We were even closer friends 

than we were at the start.

No matter how bad the trouble

You were always there,

And no matter how heavy the load,

You always carried your share.

Sometimes a tough guy 

would call my hand,

and there beside me,

you would always stand.

Sometimes I get scared,

And I wish you were here.

But I guess grown ups

Are not supposed to fear.

As I look into the eyes,

Of my little girl,

I think of the day,

She’ll go out into the world.

And I say a little prayer,

And hope it comes true,

That she finds friends,

as good as you.

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