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Two Bit Tune


Eric Charles

The hands are cold that scrawl the lines
Of another two bit tune
Probably won't get finished anyway
He walks the night himself
'neath the dim light of the moon
And tries hard not to feel that he is lonely

He glances at the clouded stars
And thinks just for a time
Remembers a girl that was so fine

He sets his pen and paper down
And gazes at the sky
Knows this ain't the way to get things done
But when it seems he's moving fast
He just falls far behind
What's changed? He has to work to make things fun

He thinks a couple years ago
When times were oh-so fair
Happiness was living to be there

Oh, and it was living!
Riding the sky
Let the sun in your eyes
Burn you blind
Oh, life was giving
The wind in your hair
Leaving all of your cares
Far behind

His eyes blink once and then again
He comes back to this time
A half filled page again confronts his eyes
He looks down at fragmented lines
The words he calls his own
Shakes his head, laughs a bit, then sighs

There's school tomorrow, then there's work
So much to be done
It's getting late, he best be getting home

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