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"Look At The Lovely People!"


Emily S. Janiak

Look around and feel,
The people in my world are real,
They stage their existence by appearance,
I observe them without interference.

Look at the Lovely people!
Hair of different colors,
Eyes flashing as if mirrors,
Green and White and Blue clothes.

They move around and speak,
Some strong and bold, some meek,
Black and white and red and others,
I take no notice of those colors.

Look at the lovely people!
It's fascinating to feel what they feel,
Laughter and shouts and smiles and gestures,
Amazing how some go to great measures.

I don't understand how some can dislike,
Hate a person for what they look like,
Judge someone by the way they dress,
Call somebody stupid, ugly, or a mess.

Look at the lovely people!
Their souls glowing like prisms of light,
All of them caught within my sight,
And they know nothing of what I see.

I suppose it's different for someone like me,
To love the way i've been set so free!
To hear the thoughts of their passed loved ones,
Sending messages of guidance to daughter and son.

Oh, Look at the lovely people!
Milling about like ants,
Unaware of their exalted stance,
Performing their daily chores.

It is true that I love people.
I refuse to believe that humans are evil.
I feel such joy and peace for them.
I cannot see bad things in them.

Look at the lovely people!
I order you to love what you see,
Feel free to live hilariously,
Stop and see that we are ALL perfect and truly lovely.

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