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Someday Soon


Emily Janiak

I sigh and wish to leave
And cramp up with disbelief
I simper and whimper in a daze
Wishing for a soft and lovely gaze
For a mansion to be in my grasp
That I might have one at long last

Other days
I watch the stars move
Ache to follow them to new places
To allow the masses their races
To give up these unholy graces and fly
Away off into the sky and bay
Like an animal held too long at bay

Most times
I wish I were rich and
Happier than nowadays
And given of pleasures simple
Of food grown in my back yard
Nurtured by me while I worked hard
And strained to give life to the earth once more

Just now
I donít really know which way to turn
Cant figure out what is so important Iíve learned
Wonít leave without a good reason, for
Parents would disown, consider it treason
And leave my life for a time to be alone on my own
Way and away from here for good, so clear

Iíll have people to help and see
Money enough to support me well
And a garden to feed my body strong
Water flowing into my soul so clean and fresh
Children, a husband, maybe more pets, houseplants
And a picture of myself as a whole with the whole world at my door

Hopefully soon, I pray.
Donít make me wait too long, I say.

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