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Danielle, On Her Twelfth Birthday


Elizabeth Maua Taylor

Young haloed hair as golden leaves in autumn,

Transparent eyes of deepest cobalt blue,

A countenance of cheerful, blustered innocence,

Her voice half-whispered, peaceful, guileless, true.

She knows not what its like to hurt another,

She only knows loves safety in her home,

Reflections of contentment, trusting always,

The beauty of her innocence so strong.

My little girl so soon to be a woman,

So soon to leave and try out her new wings,

So eager to taste all that life will offer,

Her heart not knowing disillusions sting.

I hate the world preparing to devour her!

I hate the one who'll treat her so unkind!

Despising all who'll seek to cause her sorrow,

And carry her in anguished, darkened time.

If only I could stay her close beside me,

I'd give my everything to keep her free,

Unfettered by the weight of cynicism ---

But she, when freedom wings, will not need me.

My soul prays for the man who wins her heart,

May he provide affection undefiled,

And place her in the highest of distinction,

Cherished, loved, protected all her life.

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