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Just A Dream Of You


Elizabeth Jones

Tribute: The One I'm Still in Love With

It must of been the most beautiful dream that I've ever dreamt.
We took a long while before our time was spent.
You were everything that I used to reminisce.
Your lips were perfect as they met mine for a kiss.
You move with so much skill and grace.
When your hands moved over my body, they took a slow pace.
With one look from you, my body begins to tremble.
Your hands were so very quick and nimble.
I still remember the taste of you on my tongue.
The things that we did to each other are not for the young.
The path of your wet, hot kisses still burns.
I was dieing from excitement when it was my turn.
How I longed to feel your skin against mine.
It was as if we put on a spell to stop time.
Our bodies met with great hurry.
We put everything aside so that we had no worries.
Our passion took us to a higher level of being.
I wished that you didn't have to be leaving.
For I always thought that we made a great team.
Only you and I will know that it wasn't just a dream.

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