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In The Ambition of


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

In the ambition of destinations
We have lost the path we were treading
We have been so much absorbed
In the daily worldly activities of life
That we do not have even a moment
To remember You and be blessed
Now we have been wandering aimlessly
In the darkness which never ends
We have lost the caravan of gloworms
That provided us a little light
We donít know how to come over
That distance of gulfs that comes across
As we have no way to connect our hearts
We donít know how to correct ourselves
Because we have lost that chance even
When we could check our negligence
We donít know what remedy we can find
To form a fresh unification of our hearts
We have lost that loneliness even
Which provided us some consolation?
We have been deprived of those looks
Which were so full of love and kindness?
We have lost that mirror also in accidents
Which showed us our inner weaknesses?
There was a time Ehsan when we were upset
But now the cause of our disturbance
Which could enlighten us seems
To have been taken away from us
And we are standing in lurch.

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