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If You Wish to Make Your Day Sweet


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

 If you wish to make your day sweet
Come out of bed early in the morning
Listen o the nightingale’s singing
And see the birds pruning leisurely
Imagine how are they pruning
To make their day peaceful and happy
The musical thrill of the songs of the birds
Is felt from hill to hill
And a message of good morrow full of love
Is conveyed to man.
The melodies of morn can also be heard
From the brooks babbling down
The mountain side, the lowing herd
Also welcomes the approach of the day
The lone valley echoes far and wide
The hum of bees shakes away
The unnecessary worries and prepares
For a confident activity
The whistling ploughman treads his way
To the fields and down the rough slope
He takes his careful steps and finally reaches
His rustling corn where he finds
The satisfaction of a simple living
Which brings simple happiness to him
Making him forgetful of the mad, hectic
And feverish activities that have distorted
The human face and changed man
Into a walking machine.

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