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The Sacred Song Has Vacated Us


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

The sacred song has vacated us
As we do not enjoy its melody
But are all the time busy
In producing the sonorous sounds
Having no meaning, no enjoyment
The formalities have taken the place of realities.
Beauty in Nature and in man,
Is the most neglected element
In our lives. We are, every moment
Moving towards a dark descent.
The clear springs of waters
Do not attract us anymore
The shady groves do not fascinate us
We do not enjoy the relish of a sunny hill
This is all because we do not have time
To look and we have no time to leave
Our mad pursuits of nourishing
And comforting our bodies occupying our souls
And we have said good- bye
To that love which kindled our hearts
And made us feel the pain
Of our fellow beings.
We have missed those flowery brooks
That washed away our dusty feet and instead
We are inclined to wear joggers all the times
We are afraid to unlace them
Because they will give out
An annoying smell not only to others
But also to ourselves
We are in need of retuning ourselves
And examine carefully what kind of life
Have we replaced.
The aim is missed and the aimlessness has
Taken it place. We have made it
A habit of looking away from our hearts
We have been constantly fixing our eyes
To the smokes that we have evaporated
Towards the clear blue sky
And have been rejoicing over
The pollution that we have spread
Into Godís beautiful Universe
This is all being done on the achievements
Which we have got to annihilate
Our fellow human beings
To make us recognize as a super power
We have put ourselves
Into a deep slumber of useless activity
The wakeful birds are unable
To fascinate us with their nocturnal songs.
This useless activity has made us blind
To the difference of day and night
We are all the time yoking ourselves
To the arms of the watch
And do not realize the approach
Of the sweet evenings or the blooming morns
The summer rose, the flocks, the orchards
The herds and the divine human faces
Are disappearing from our lives
And instead, the machines, the factories
Are weapons are taking their place
We are lost in the abyss of paradoxes
And are not willing to overcome our dilemmas
We have made two and two the book of knowledge
In place of the book of Nature
Which could lead us to the heavenly light
And its Creator. We have altogether forgotten
That only inner light of heart can lead us
To the celestial light and take us out
Of the abyss of darkness and ignorance.

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