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The Impetus of Humanity


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

The impetus of humanity is succumbing
And the fanaticism is becoming
The driving force of life
Human beings are raising
The flags of the parchment of flesh
To celebrate their barbarous victories
Man is thrust into the quagmire
Of diplomatic language and finds
It difficult rather impossible
To come out of the labyrinths
Of this jungle and the nexus
Of evil are celebrating their festivals
For the edifices they have built
With the corpses of innocent children,
Staggering old, the helpless women
And the blooming youth.
Jingoism has become the mark
Of bravery, and bigotry, hatred
And prejudice the favoured pattern of life
The brutes are candidly recognized
As heroes and the dialogue
Is mumbled by threats.
The undemocratic forces are bolstered
At one place and the dictatorship
Is championed at other
Life has been made contingent on hunger
Moral values have been made impeachable
And the goodness is blatantly ridiculed
We are all jousting for self- destruction
And boasting of such accomplishments
Which were in the past considered horrendous
And bewildering to peaceful human beings
We are reeling off words without meaning
In the abracadabra of politics
The massacre fields have been made
Sanctuaries for the coming generations
The extremist and the fanatics
Are meandering the underworld
Declaring the death of sanity
The serene and the noble have been made
The pariah of society and in spite of
All this we are prattling of our greatest achievements
Those who are the guardian of peace and justice
Have become reticent when expected
To speak out truth with courage
The culprits acclaim themselves
As justice and the innocent and simple hearted
Are declared as culprits
In the sorry saga of human civilization
Mankind is suffering from a constant trauma
Without giving a sense of tragedy
We are exorbitantly wasting ourselves
Forgetful of our past, present or future
The life beyond this life seems to be
A closed chapter and the devil himself
Is ashamed of our vicious designs and intrigues
And rejoices on his rebellion against God
The outrageous dragon of evil has swallowed
All goodness seeing us intolerant of one another
The code of immoralities has taken the place of
All moral values and we have become
The living monument of self- culpability
And a symbol of self- slaughter
The most serious problems of humanity
Have been made to look tenuous
The sphinx of hypocrisy and hatred
Is pouncing upon us all the time
And we are happy to deliver ourselves
To its lustful claws and the anemic
Economic conditions of the poor
Are inviting the usurpers
To catch hold of all their joys
And their murky future
Is swaggering on their grief and sorrows
Their stagnant thinking is unwilling
To produce the burgeoning thoughts
The bigs are openly and clandestinely
Commencing a new global system
Where want, hunger, ignorance
And disease would be made
Permanently the property of those
Who try to resist their ever pervading
Monopoly of resources
New methods of aspersions are being devised
By the so-called intellectuals to deviate
The rightful thinking of the masses
People are slogging in and out
In hurry and worry to think
Of a way how to pass their lives
But their travel of the desert
Never comes to an end
The war- lords are busy in testing
Their weapons on innocent lives
On one excuse or the other
Nationalism is touching the borders
Of insanity and religions
Have been turned to fanaticism
The covered hands of mullahs
Are chopping the heads of journalists
On the charge of trying to dig truth
The leaders of the world are interpreting
The acts of fanatics into the wars of religions
Those who are resisting hegemony of one power
Are named as the axis of evil
Self-respect has been changed
Into disrespect for others
In such a scenario of world society
God knows what would be the end
Of the so-called rational animal
It seems that the rapprochement
Of death and life is bringing
A colossal destruction caused by
Acrimonious attitude of men to man
Surveillance radars are being fixed
On the persons who are trying to resist
Bloodshed on a vast scale
The insurgencies of self-made leaders
Are safe guarded by the hungry youth
Whose parents have been waiting
For them to bring a piece of bread
Human beings are decommissioned
By useless wars and the slangs of politics

The relentless purchases of weapons
Are the valid excuses of hunger,
Ignorance and disease,
As the safety of land is more important
Than the masses.
War has been made a necessary evil
As peace does not auger well for peace
The sleuths of the black world
Are made trusty to provide exact information
To hit the enemy to maintain supremacy
Of thrusting a way to national progress
Human battery is improvised
By happy sweet and falsified dreams
Denued versions of life are arranged
To cover the naked corpses
Scattered all around the world
The domino effects of exploitation
Are attributed to bad weather
But time has its own backlash
And converts all the lubricated words
Into bitter pills of reality
Which shows its effects sooner or later
The void created by the miscalculations
Is demanding more and more dead bodies
To be walked upon to reach
The other end of the gulf
Religions are purposely diluted to fit
Into our selfish material designs
The tirades of weaponary, economical
And immoral forces have cornered
Our lives to nothingness
We have created a culture devoid of principles
The urge for exploitation and usurpation
Is presented as an expediency
We are abashed of ourselves yet
Unwilling to change our lot
Every nation measures its height
In the context of its chauvinism
And fanatical pride made forceful.
In spite of all these boastings
We feel ourselves belittled
When browsing through the history of humanity
Much of the embarrassment is attributable
To the wizards of political leadership
The same mistakes with the same results
Are being repeated and we have been
All the time preparing for war to maintain peace
We have mortgaged humanity en bloc
We are choosing our destruction carefully
Wisely and stoutly in our vanity
How wooly have we become before
Our devilish ambitions to maintain our superiority.
Let us see when the sweeping stroke comes
To all of us and our ire
Becomes poisonous for our bodies
Unless the mistakes and faults are candidly admitted
Their remedies are not possible
The people who criticize us and our behaviour
Are not essentially our ill-wishers
They must be listened to and their arguments
Weighed rationally to find out a remedy
Good and positive ideas can only be useful
When their nitties-gitties are also settled
Otherwise those ideas prove to be
Barren and are neglected in the desert
Of random thinking and although the acts of peace
Are lavishly praised yet they are not supported
Because the material gains are affected
The conduct and morality of a nation
Is not judged by its human values
But on the physical force it has
The financial position of a nation or an individual
Is the desired measurement of high standard
The religious morality is not allowed
To impinge this fantastic image
Those who have the might ensconce
On the pinnacle of success
Material success in the modern developed age
Is considered the moral success
The fight between good and evil
Is what the powerful like and dislike
The luminaries of this philosophy of life
Are shedding their light to every corner of the world
The image of humanity is anointed with
The oily dollar and the oily and lubricated words
Let the flag holders of pure and unstained life
Be itchy on this because the practicalities of life
Are in the hands of monitory lords
And the philosopher trying to find out truth
And beauty must restrict themselves
To the writing, reading and thinking
About the bookish knowledge and bookish topics
For such scholarsearn only verbal modicum of respectability
They have been practically out fitted by the war-lords
They must unlash their ire to themselves
The weary day is looking for a shelter
The busy night is marauding the poor
The human beings are trying to cover
Their identities under the humbug
Of common culture, but in spite of these
Ruses, the basic problems of finding peace
And prosperity remain the same

The flowers and trees are inviting us
To look at their beauty but we have no time
Because we have to run our business which is
Extracting all our energies
And wasting away all that which could
Make us contented. Sleep, the sweet child
Has been waiting for a long time
The nestles of peace and comfort have been
Lost altogether and we are left to be
Wakefully asleep or sleepily wakeful
The approaching flights of death
Are harassing us day and night
Yet we cannot be oblivious to that glorious canopy
Of light that has always been a hope
In the darkness prevailing on us
Our tears give birth to that translucent dew
That sits on the faces of thousand flowers
Making our minds fragrant and cherishing
Wishing us to start the life anew
The beams of light come out of our hearts
And make the darkness go its way
As still there are many purposes
In our stay, what are those purposes
Yet it is not a proper time to say
It will become quite clear
When the next generation looking at us
With a curious glance will ask us the reason
For our dismay and the cause of our anxious strife
Making us fatigued for the nothingness in life
We try to explain our agonies
In a speaking quietness but our language
Is not comprehended and we are left in a lurch of discomfiture
We are always busy in ruse of passing
Our days and sometimes arraigning ourselves
For the passivity that we have earned
After a sleight purview that whole strata of our lives
Requires a renovation. The pantaleon of our wishes
Which we have created has become the monument
Of our failures as we have made ourselves
Desensitised of the miseries faced by our fellow beings
The monster of greed and power has been unleashed
And we donít find any place to hide ourselves
From the belligerance of this monster
The enclaves of goodness have already been occupied
And all beauty has been disfigured
By asymmetry of self interest
The sledgehammer of time has crushed our vanities
Of being the crown of all creatures.

No other animal, brute whatsoever
Is as much the enemy of his race
As the creature called man
Massacres and carnage of his own fellow being
Is his favourite pastime
His unsavoury tongue is always looking for
A taste of blood. He is pouncing upon
His sleeping fellows as a hungry lion jumps on his prey
The perpetrators of humanity are the champion of politics
The silent spectators in complicity with wrong doers are
Contributing with their evil smiles to the cruel treatment
Of the helpless and man is in collision with man
All of us have been changed into the portage
Of the institutions of injustice and exploitation
The crescendo of conscience is choked
By the validity of self-intent
Intimidation has become the favourite pattern of life
Our creation is being labeled in heaven
As the nexus of things where nobody trusts nobody
God knows how long this rampage will allow us
To exist on this earth, our total destruction seems incumbent
There seems nobody available to dither us
From the disaster and our self-corruption is spiral high
And our lethal weapons are ready to obliterate us
We are brewing our lives with death day and nigh
Yet for the kindness of God
Our self annihilation is tardy in this tenuous living
Time is slagging back to revert our ways
The strata of knowledge which we have gained
Is making us indignant of ourselves
We are forced to live together in a state of dissection
The empathy of looking into others has vanished away
And every body is trying to raise
The building of his existence
On monolithic forms. We have accrued a state of depression
And disappointment out of all this strife.

The End

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