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The Harbingers of Light


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

Light of the Spring of Heaven
The ever awaited guest, is prolonging
Its arrival. This world
Ever hopeful, ever disappointed
Is in a fix since its creation.
The sacred, simple and pious men
Are honoured here but after their death
Their lives too misunderstood and misinterpreted
By the worldly people is summed up only
As casual happening of their unwanted love
And simplicity, they are bound to remain here
As unwanted guests and are often left
To the ridicule of people.
Their serene wisdom is measured
By the false standard of worldly success
And their teaching and learning is often avoided
Because they are unable to follow
The paths of the usual worldly success
But when they die, their memories
Are kept alive by the erection
Of high tombs where formalities
Are performed to show
The falsehood and insincerity look
True and sincere. We are practically
Creating hurdles in the way of pure heart
Because it blocks our progress to the material gain
And forbids us the worship of the god Mammon.
It takes a long time, and yet to a few, that it is
Only the heart of man, that is more important
Than anything of the universe.
It is only the heart of man that can fill
The void we have created by our false standards.

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