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Still There Are Persons


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

(Dedicated to Mohammed Bashir Jaafer
District Education Officer Chakwal, Pakistan
And Famous Urdu Poet)

Still there are persons in life
Who bring warmth and light
To human hearts wherever they go
Those persons are not necessarily rich
Yet they have such riches within
That every needy person feels consoled.
Such a warmth and light
Is given to them by a compassionate heart
Purified by simple and pure feelings
Which enable them share joys,
Sufferings and pains of others.
Such persons are never self-centered
And they always think themselves
A part of the whole mankind
They contribute from their side
Whatever they can.
A sympathetic action and a loving word from them
Has a greater influence on hearts
Than the physical or material support.
Such people are welcomed
Wherever they go
Their arrival is like a sunshine
To every human being
To children young and the old
Such a person, no doubt, is a blessing
For humanity and the human beings
When such a person looks to children, the young and the old
With a smiling face
He receives in response
An incessant inner joy
Which goes on increasing
With every passing moment.

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