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Panorama of Human Society


Ehsan Elahi Eshan

In the political scenario of the third world,

The leaders are not elected but selected,

On the name of general elections.

The physical force and the force of money,

Is fully let loosed to show its power,

The common masses are made to believe.

The underhand dealings and the open fiery speeches,

Promising the dreamlands, play the vital role.

To disfigure the aspirations of the common man,

The so-called elected representatives,

Make themselves busy in money mongering.

The business of investing in political enterprises,

Flourishes and the wealth of their native countries,

Is siphoned to the money house of the International Finance Institutions.

Thus those who should,

Have been the guardians of their country and peopleís interest, look to their own interests,

And if the wind changes, they slip away,

To their patron abroad leaving the miserable,

People of their country more miserable

And if they stay, they come the next term,

With more power and influence, making room,

In the highest ranks not only for themselves but also for their kin to strengthen their hold,

On the nerves of theirs country and the country men.

In this process of winning political position,

They often display their vote bank and street power.

They create their loyals, The poor fellows,

The so called ideologists who are ready to sacrifice,

Their all belongings, even their lives.

On the fame house of their demigods.

Thus, in this sacred devotion to their favourites

Political leaders, they forget their home, their family and their children.

And so in this, loyal process they shift their misery and poverty

To their next generation.

Some times it happens that the supporters of the families,

Are made to rush to prison houses, to perpetuate the glory of those,

Who are loyal to none. The weeping daughters and the wailing sisters,

Die down with their hopes,

And the heroes of the prison are soon forgotten,

By their lords.

A fragmented society gives nothing to its people,

Except the begging men and the selling women.

The innocent gaiety and fragrance of the children,

Is turned into a market of human flesh.

Those daughters and sisters,

The marvels of gentleness and innocence,

Are changed into mobile stones,

Of mechanized needs and requirements.

In a hypocrite society.

Let us search our conscience, for awhile,

And see what indignation are we,

Causing to the grandeur of human soul.

The useful and the magnificent, is really garbed by,

Our selfish designs of self interests.

Let us not forget, in the joys of our victories of war-fare,

that we,

Have killed on the other side,

Not soldiers but,

Human beings, whose wives, mothers, sisters,

And children similar to our own are,

Waiting for the safe return of,

Their husbands, sons, brothers,

And fathers, and who have been standing on way,

of human love,

To put laurels of pure love and,

Affection to those who are theirs.

The greatest would be the man, Greater even than the angels, themselves,

Who could out root,

The blood sucking nerves,

Of human jealousy from the veins,

Of man and make him forgetful of his notorious past.

Some times the so-called leaders,

Are thinking of the methods,

The mechanized methods,

Which they are very shrewdly making use or,

To magnate the element of human heart.

Man is getting changed into a robot,

And by an ill-conceived idea,

To diminish the human race,

a parallel stage of authority is being,

Prepared to uglify the beautiful world of God

and His creatures. By doing so, the computerized lords, say,

They are leading man to the peaks,

Of progress, peace, and prosperity

Evil cannot be defined but without a good,

Let us not be suspicious of those,

Who make us naked before our eyes,

And show us our real selves,

Those who are master in using,

Their inherited skill of exploitation,

Have given wide publicity,

To formulas, and principles,

That accomplish their evil designs.

Glorifying the poor,

To the martyrdom of poverty and hunger.

The force of people is the greatest force,

What ever system do we have, It cannot bring the splendid and,

The supreme out-come, without,

The thumb of acceptance,

Of the masses.

Greatest are those leaders,

Who can integrate the great ideas,

With the best wishes and aspirations of the people,

If the nations are fed upon,

With ever new ideas and great hopes,

Which bring some satisfaction,

To their aspirations,

They are never fond of finding.

Every moment new heroes and martyrs,

And would hate to go into battles on every pretext.

But would prefer to live peacefully,

With love and order in society,

The major aim of all societies,

In the world should be,

To bring the splendid and the supreme,

Universal outcome,

For the magnificence of humanity,

If we go on killing human beings,

Thousand with one stroke,

We are going to turn ourselves blood- sucking bruits,

Devoid of any soul,

And poisoning our souls,

With indignities of hatred and nuisance

Let us not amalgamate

The ideal and insurrection,

The ideal is splendid,

It gives light, wisdom, consonance,

And dignity to humanity,

Where as insurrection,

Is the outburst of mere enthusiasm,

Which may turn into rage,

And tend to settle the problems,

Ihe use of arms leads to further disaster,

It is the ideal that gives birth to movements,

And tends to settle the problems,

And not the insurrection,

Give birth to ideal.

The visions and illusions, stand poles apart,

And those who cleverly,

Try to intermingle both of them,

Should never be permitted to take the lead,

Or, they would bring calamities to the whole world.

Let us shun, once for all,

The recourse to arms,

Come what may, and here we would,

Of course begin moving,, every minute, to the betterment ,

Of individuals as well as of society.

Ideals and beauty are nothing,

If they are separated from logic and truth.

That is why, the propagandists of tyranny,

Are always bent upon, to publicize the vicious ideas,

That the artistic people are not logical people.

In fact, it is only the artists,

Who present four-in-one,

The idea, logic, beauty and truth,

And they must be given proper attention,

If the aspirations for our ideal society,

Are to be fulfilled.

Being too practical and mechanized,

We are losing day by day the quality of imagination,

Which enables us to see the,

Beauty of vision,

Produced by the inward eye.

The visionary hours of life,

Are the essence of our whole living.

When mercantile pre-occupations dominate,

They spoil the luminous self of man.

And bring down the civilization,

To the lowest ebb.

Poverty is not a crime, nor riches,

A boon, if they do not come by inheritance.

Equal opportunities to all, that is,

The basic principle and the requirement,

Which must be given priority,

And which can ensure the individualís

Efforts to bring fruitful result,

To strengthen foundations of our,

National edifice.

We have been endowed by

God Almighty, with a piece of land,

That is solely our own,

And through which we manifest,

Our identity before the societies,

Of the whole world. This is not only,

A piece of land, rather it is,

A pure happiness embodied.

Let us adore this happiness,

By our good will,

Good actions and beautiful thoughts

The unadorned happiness gives,

You inward pleasure, but

It is restricted to yourself alone,

The adorned happiness extends,

Itself to others and spreads,

Its fragrance in every human heart,

That come across.

But the happiness should

Never be uglified by damaging,

The right of others and

Cultivating the seeds of hatred,

And selfishness, - the eternal enemies of mankind.

In an attempt to forget our past,

And in an attempt to look modern and fashionable,

We have made our manifestation,

Of happiness rather un-enjoyable.

Instead of presenting a rhythmic,

Beauty to our happy occasion,

Like the festivities of marriage,

We, by the show of our wealth,

Are trying to make others look,

To be weaker than us.

It is not the crowded currency-notes on the marriage,

Processions, that make you happy and your festivities,

Look grand, but the expression of happy faces.

Our old traditions, though having some extravagances,

Looked much more beautiful and joy giving,

Than the modern processions of cars.

The symmetrical vision of our "junjs" (marriage procession)

With "Lungis, Shamlas Khusas, " (traditional dress) and Dhole(drum)

Were much more beautiful, grand and enjoyable,

The "luddi" and "Summi" (tradational dances)

Put even the olden folks,

Into ecstasies.

All that existed in the past is not to be shunned altogether.

The traditions which were,

The expressions of pure happiness,

Must be revived, as they are our heritage,

And they are original.

We all try to be religious,

By interpreting religion as we like,

But in this attempt we have to keep in mind,

That our forefathers,

Have been more pious than us in their characters,

And yet they enjoyed "mailas" (joyous gatherings) all heart and soul.

The singing and dancing which they did see in those "mailas,"

Did not make them forgetful,

They could never think of,

Passing away from the,

Site on seeing an accident or a misery,

To any human being,

As we do, and we do that, in spite of all our,

Progress and knowledge

We do suppress our own happiness and donít manifest it before others,

Because by doing this we look to be less modern,

And ignorant of the manners of the modern society.

In search of new arts,

We forget that the grand,

Epics, like "Heer Ranjha" (a punjabi epic)

"Saiful Al-Maluk" and "Sohni Mehinwal" (punjabi epics)

And the like are not staged,

In the crowds of thousands,

Have we not lost,

Those audience who sat throughout,

The whole night enchanted,

By the miraculous performances,

Of these epics, made by the simple

And common villagers.

The indoor entertainment is in fact,

A conspiracy against a harmonious society,

Where mutual love is expressed collectively,

Such grand gatherings did not only bring,

An utmost pleasure,

But also gusts of pure love,

Beatified and immortalized, inflaming,

The hearts with a new message of love to live,

Together in one human bondage.

The mechanic gods have failed,

To flavour the human heart,

With love and beauty, the mind,

Capable of exploring the Universe,

Is being mercilessly utilized for,

the devastation of human soul,

The fear of devastation of human race,

Is being inseminated into common man,

To commercialize the devices of death.

God, Who is the Most Powerful and the Most Beneficent,

To guide our soul to righteous path of love

Sympathy and goodness,

Is being missed from us by the misguided advocacy,

Of material progress.

Let us not forget Him so easily,

Let us not complicate our lives,

By the complexities produced by,

Ourselvers, good for nothing.

Let us change the destructive weapons of

Mechanized gods, into

Love, on which all the great poets,

And writers of the world have been writing.

Love remains a great theme which,

Has focussed the eyes of human beings,

Since the beginning of human life,

But love is not all,

We need something more,

The adorned happiness, which,

Gives us moral, aesthetic, as well as,

Material pleasure,

Not only for us but also for the,

Generations to come.

Ideas cleverly circulated and publicized,

That "might is right",

Is turned to "right is might"

And the right is only that which God bestows,

And asks man to do,

We have seen, with our own eyes,

That the man made systems,

Have stood the tests only for short times,

Ane the most arrogant protagonist of those ideas,

Have been those who,

Were once themselves the creators,

And champions of those ideas.

This does not mean that we should stop thinking,

And not find new paths of life, to explore,

The universe and it is no sin,

Rather it is a blessing of God.

But to think to challenge the Supreme Authority,

Is to be Satanic.

Logic is a necessary evil to understanding,

But it is not all,

Human soul and body cannot be limited to logic alone,

Man has much more treasures in him,

Which are to be explored.

And there are much more authentic means to approach,

Those means only if we recognize the righteous path.

The sweetly singing birds have flown, far away,

The frogs are trotting every where,

Man is being stupefied by his lusts,

And vanities, the brutes are being crowned,

For their insanity and physical force,

The crooked have garbed as derveshs(spiritual leaders)

And the derveshs are being cornered for

Their self-respect.

The religions are being used,

By the ignorant to glorify their self made interpretations.

The wise and the learned,

Are standing aside, and in the trances of silence,

To see what happens to this world in the end.

Here wise are thought to be fools,

And the honest and the noble are jeered.

Perhaps there is some basic fault,

The pretence is deceiving the reality,

Every man is hatching some vicious plot,

Not only against other human beings,

But also against himself.

Beauty is being defaced and the ugliness adorned.

A wretched society is being glorified,

On the name of religion and progress.

People like to look important,

Without any significant role for the,

Betterment of human society.

Thousand of living bodies are being crushed,

On the roads, under the tanks to safeguard,

The ideologies of their so called leaders,

Who wanted to run the affairs of the whole world,

With their sole-thinking.

Decorum in life has gone, perhaps, for ever,

Man is in the constant state of waiting,

With his fatigued body and benumbed spirit,

A blow from the blue!.

Bad cold has caught all of us,

Making us unfit to smell anything good or bad.

We are reading and writing,

Without knowing the value of things.

To remain idle, is to be educated,

The skilled hands are considered ignorant,

The tricky minds control business.

Those who are producing remain hungry,

And those who do nothing are made,

Landlords that is the fruit we get from this,

Hypocrite society,

And that is why, all our happiness is escorted,

By despair, it is to admit our faults,

That leads to self knowledge.

When a society is going to shatter,

Crime and innocence are yoked together.

No body tries to probe too deeply,

Because every body seems to be affected.

We are possessed of the false side of life,

Which is to be happy without a duty,

To God or Man.

Self interest has always been,

The major object of every man.

O, Man, you, who were the best creation of God,

In what senseless acts have you engaged yourself,

The blessed souls are being mortgaged before the belly.

Man who was bestowed upon with the,

Blessings of God, and whose light

Was shining so much, now,

Has put himself into the fathoms of darkness.

We are all wasting our powers,

Just to keep our supremacy over other human beings.

Though man is reaching the immeasurable heights,

Yet all his efforts aim to become supreme,

To other fellows,

Let us glance beyond the wall,

The wall which we have erected,

To safeguard ourselves and to block others.

The heart, the sweet gift of God,

Chastened with the fragrance of love and hope,

Is degraded to a pump of blood.

We have started looking everything,

With materialistic eye, and every thing whatsoever,

Is bargained by wealth.

The value of wealth, has been an admitted fact,

Since man became sensible enough,

To accumulate the sources of other human beings

If we could devalue it,

By a simple and peaceful living!

The wise men formulate their formulas,

And the fools go on repeating them.

It seems the whole civilization,

Is diseased by the black magic of modern weapons,

A death to life itself.

The human sufferings and degradation,

Has put on the shroud of modern invention.

Man wishes to go back to noiseless caverns of life.

Where hope and fear lived together.

Life is being converted into a rotten fish,

Which man is being forced to eat.

If we look to our past and present,

It becomes clear that we are being ,

Ruled by ghosts of superstition, bigotry, and prejudice.

Morality which is the essence of truths,

Is being condemned by the devilish lust and sensuality,

And given the name of stupidity.

The moralists are thought to be stupid,

That is the change which modern progress,

And development has brought in the human thought.

Faith, which has been constantly attacked by those,

Who believe in nothing canít be weakened by the intrigues,

As faith is necessary to man.

Not only that it binds man to the eternal soul,

But also it gives thoughts to man,

But life beyond this living,

That gives him the ever new and fresh ideas,

To improve and discover his inner qualities.

Imaginative flights to heaven are as important,

To man as his worldly living.

The ever new discoveries, Which man has made

are not due to science,

But to his imagination,

Which has materialized itself, through science.

And these discoveries within ourselves,

And in the material life were impossible if we did not,

Have the idea of life beyond this life.

Those who say there is no God and there is no life beyond,

This life, are falsified by their own conceits.

The ever new discoveries of science in nature,

Are impossible without the discoveries,

Of the ever new and inner qualities in man.

Man of today is not the man of early ages,

It is transformed to a god.

If we bring back the man of early age to the presence,

Of the man of this age, the man of early age will never,

Admit that he is standing before his own son.

By the passage of time man has not only discovered nature,

But he has to a great extent, discovered himself.

The process is not all,

Man is gradually moving forward to a life beyond.

The life he is leading

The very act of contemplation is doing something great.

It is not the action that has changed the world but the,

Act of contemplation that has,

Motivated the action.

And the very act of contemplation means,

To bring into existence the non-existent through imaginative,

Flight to a life beyond this life.

To think of the unknown is not only worship,

But it is also a service to humanity to lead it,

From the known world to the unknown and thus give it,

The thought of grave is not only the end to our present life,

But also the beginning of our life beyond.

Those who have become forgetful of grave and the,

Life beyond this life, though soaring high into the,

Solar systems, do not dare to peep down into the mire,

Where humanity is stuck and looking for help,

And assistance.

The true division of humanity,

Is not between those who are the rich and those who are,

The poor but between those who are the enlightened,

And those who are the ignorant, who are in the light,

And who are in the darkness, the real service to humanity,

Is to bring those in the darkness to the towers of light,

Those who do not impart their knowledge,

To the ignorant have no right to be called developed or,

Learned. They are using their knowledge,

Not to enlighten the world but to perpetuate darkness,

Only to keep their supremacy, and to feed their stomach

By the blood of those who are called undeveloped,

If the undeveloped and the underdeveloped want to change,

Their fate, it is not by the acquirement of scientific,

Devices or the computers, but by acquiring knowledge,

That is why education and knowledge are must if any nation,

Wants to get rid of darkness and come into light.

The real progress of humanity is not to have,

The weapons to eradicate others,

But to weep for those who are,

In darkness and try to the utmost,

To bring them to knowledge.

Those who do not impart their knowledge,

Are no human, rather brute,

Because it is they who change the common man,

Into criminals,

By bringing him into a state of,

Material and moral degradation.

Need and the sense of deprival, when get together,

Give birth to dark deeds.

Those who are living in luxury and comfort,

Are preaching sympathy to the poor,

And telling the poor that it is from God,

Which ultimately means that their riches,

Is from God and the poor have no right to have,

Any sense of deprival.

The cunning rich preach the virtue,

Of poverty, and give the the news of reward to,

The poor in the next world just to justify,

Their own luxurious lives,

The senses of common man and the poor,

Have been overtaken by those,

Who are telling glib lies and posing,

To be good. Instead of exposing these hypocrites,

The common man is accepting them as their leaders,

As if they are actually sharing their lot.

As long as the riches is there,

Poverty cannot be eradicated from the world,

But let us all try to live as good as we can, and if it,

Is not possible till we provide equal opportunities,,

Of education, employment and business to all.

We are working in a void,

Always waiting for the chance to dump us down.

We seem to be impatient to follow the dictates of forrtune,

To figure us or disfigure us as it likes,

Looking at pictures and reading books,

At an age when one can work, is nothing but a diversion,

From the main business of life.

We have to carry on our hobbies and fondness,

But in the hours when we do not need to earn for living.

When we have already paid the tax of our burden to society,

For all the times, we are studying man, nature or God,

Or doing some work for our own or for others living,

We have constantly to ask ourselves,

Are we serving some purpose?

The purpose for the advancement of civilization,

For the betterment of human societies,

For the goodness of mankind,

If we are beating back our inner urge which enables us,

To express ourselves whole heartily in words.

For deeds we will be losing a precious time of our lives,

And failing in all the other jobs we do,

It is better for the parents not to waste,

The years of scientists to change them to artists,

And the artists to scientists.

Let every man try to change them to artists,

Doing some thing and provide him as many opportunities,

As possibleóthat is the real service to society and,

This is the virtue which is its own reward.

That is the best of education which we can provide

To our children, and this the only way our society,

Can develop materially as well as spiritually.

Since the time we learnt to move,

We have been working but why it is so,

That the whole of our lives seem to slip out from us,

Without any purpose.

Do we not have any real purpose?

Why does it happen that when we have,

All gone all through

It seems we have said nothing, praise and money,

Are being sold against thoughtlessness.

Why is it that we are always in a state,

Of becoming and not in that state of having arrived.

Govt. of the people, by the people for the people,

That is the basic principle of democracy, One man one vote, this is the real media on which,

The majority is forged,

But what to speak of a representative of the whole,

Of his constituency and winning only on one vote?

What of the horse trading made by the use of wealth?

The opinion of the majority is to be respected,

But let us define majority. Is the candidate winning,

One twenty thousands votes equal to the candidate,

Winning on with the lead of one vote?

We have set this and all other such like principles,

To run our show business.

The will of the people is not truly reflected,

And that is why the parliaments,

Become the parables of stock exchange.

Life on earth is not a bed of roses,

It is a way, thorny, cold and dark,

Leading us all to an unfathomed misery.

Of life beyond earth. Man throughout,

His life has to solve the curiuos riddles,

By his wet tears, tortured fears,

And pitiful agonies. He has to constantly,

Travel on the shore of unknown sea to find out the

Beauteous and the beautiful.

To fill his cup of life with a pure delight and happiness,

He has to listen to the throbs of the hearts,

To the murmurs of the souls, and to the wailing cries.

Human life is usually covered with a shade of happiness.

And brimmed sadness.

Although our dreamy wisdom,

Brings sometimes a sweet smile, on our lips.

Yet man often remains, gloomy and sad in,

His deeper thoughts.

Man, to continue his sad heart,

Takes shelter in the hymeneal nest,

Which God has provided him,

As the last shelter for his rest,

Thus refreshed by the rest of this hymeneal nest,

Man continues his journey with the beautiful tints of,

Dawning life, and the lulling and breathing music,

Of his soul which instigates him to live more and to love more,

Eagerly dreaming for a beautiful life beyond.

The forgotten glories of his soul revive themselves,

In his heart which make him to feel of himself the glory,

Of the earth.

Hope, the beautiful gift of God to man,

Makes our wintry life,

Full of summer happiness. When man

Is caught into the forest of wreathed darkness,

It is the light of hope that glimmers before his eyes,

And unites the scattered threads in his hand,

And sings into his ears, in a sweet melancholic voice.

The song of life so dear, and puts him,

Into a lull of calm delight. When the darkness,

Of despair spreads around,

The moon of hope suddenly appears,

Full bright and low in the sky.

The darkness of despair soon disappears,

Into the light of this moon and fades into nothingness.

The ray of hope is the eternal part of man,

Connecting him to the divine Soul, Who always,

Makes man to remember that he is never left alone.

Death makes afraid of its darkness,

Only when we know to enjoy the pleasures of life.

The more we grow up, the more we become,

Fearful of death,

Let us convert our fears of death, into the living

Joy of life. Let us shake away the fears, let us

Cultivate hope in us, that we are in a continuous journey,

On the road of life.

And when we reach our goal, we have traveled the path,

Of life just to begin with a new life beyond, where we


To give account of our journey made and that how did we

Feel on the way, what instructions did we follow and what

Diversions did we make against the rules of the game,

Set by our Lord.

We have to accept this life, though with tearful pleasures.

Our hopes to live are cherished, our fears to die are severe,

Sweet memories of the days,

When my heart did jumps with the pleasures,

When my eyes were gushed with tears,

When my simples joys were mine,

When I could play or could sleep,

When I could laugh or weep,

When I was only but a child,

When days were soft and nights mild,

When I could bear not to miss,

My fatherís love, my motherís kiss,

When I was mad with love and glee,

When my brothers did have pride,

That I was playig on their side.

When every body loved me so,

But Oh, the time is gone for ever,

And I am only left to revere,

All the sweetness of those days,

That is in my heart always,

Could I perpetuate that life for myself and,

For my fellow beings.But, every morning which comes to us,

Is becoming more darkly,

How long shall we be telling our children,

The stores of our glorious past, Our forefathers did work for us,

Day and night, wisely and intelligently,

Perhaps we donít have any aim,

Which can stir us to the endless struggle,

We have become the worshipper,

Of the ideologies, which were never our own,

Which would never be for us,

We have lost what we had,

With the hope to find something better .

We are the Pakistanis, or the Muslims, or both,

Or none of them.

Let us ponder for a while,

We did get a country, a beautiful one,

Not times ago,

And we said we were different from

Those who worshipped idols,

We were different, because at the time, we had a leader,

Who had all the qualities of a great honest and sincere,

Leadership. He made us unanimous, we

Who were even more ignorant that time,

But followed him with love and devotion,

Because we were loved by him, he was devoted to us,

And to our cause,

But so unfortunate it was,

We lost him very soon

He went to grave and we fell into chaos,

We began conspiring against our unity,

Rather against our existence.

We did not care for our leaders,

And soon after the leaders, left caressing us,

We turned ourselves into slaves,

Working day and night without any purpose of our own,

Without any aim, and without any spiri.

The vultures gathered very soon,

And they began to eat us,

We in agonies and pain,

Did not even dare to cry,

We were direly in need of bread,

To keep us living, whatsoever,

We put our generations, to keep,

Them busy of course, into,

Schools and colleges, where

A hatred against knowledge,

Is germinated, we teach them,

How to avoid hard -work,

How to be dishonest and corrupt,

How to hate those who,

Condemn idleness,

And how to mar the rights of those,

Who labour hard in their studies,

But gain nothing in reward.

They are bestowed upon by the society,

With the reward of worst kind of frustration.

Aimlessness is the major popular theme,

Given to the young

To memories it by heart,

The students are busy in making strikes,

In colleges and Universities and the teachers,

Dumb during teaching hours in their chairs,

To take rest because they have to take tuition,

At homes.

No student will come for tuition at their homes,

If they sincerely taught in their classes.

Ultimately with the average twenty percent success,

In those examination where examiners teach them.

How to copy from a provided material,

To fulfil their promise of assistance,

In the examination halls.

We get, as a result of all this corruption,

Five categories of idlers, with beautifully printed,

Certificates and degrees.

Neither the students, nor their teachers, nor their parents,

Know what these idlers will do with these certificates.

And what for is this brilliant education for them.

The big five, very laboriously of course,

Jotted down a superb peaceful plan,

To rule the whole world, not by force,

But through pieces of papers,

Hung on the walls of a decorated room.

And when they felt that the crushed,

Were waking against them,

And their peaceful atrocities,

A world order plan is being chalked out,

To harness the aggressed.

The proverbs of equality,

Developed two parallel categories,

Of equality, equality among the rulers,

And equality among the ruled.

The question is, who is going to decide,

The norms of the new world order,

Would the smaller and weaker nations,

Of the world, be given the equal status,

Or they have to be, any way,

Yoked under the dictates of the Big Fives,

And their agents,

Those who are the flag holder of,

The prosperity of mankind are,

So kind and generous, that, they abolish,

That knowledge to the under-developed,

By which they have become prosperous.

But they are ever ready to sell,

Their commodities to the hungry,

At the cost of the liberty and,

Freedom. The smaller and the bigger,

The under developed, developing,

And the developed, what a beautiful,

Categorization has been devised.

By these big to replace one word- the human beings.

The new world order, can bring,

No hopes and aspirations to,

The world, except that,

All the human beings are considered,

On the equal level and this

Beautifully and very skillfully,

Devised categorization is demolished for ever.

Justice prevails all over the world,

In different rather contrasting shapes,

All the third world countries,

Are condidered to be irresponsible,

And to avoid their irresponsibility,

It is necessary they must be

Forced to abandon their freedom,

Of thought which makes them

To think of themselves.

The authors of their own fate,

What a beautiful idea!

The tortuous circumstances can never,

Be changed by military upheavals,

And the bloody wars, but with the,

Basic changes in the patterns of life,

The new world order can be hailed,

Only when the whole attention,

Is focussed to the improvement,

Of individualís life.

The common man has ever been ignored by those,

Who have been enjoying the powers of authority,

And their whole attention has been,

On the rule of a nation over others,

Those who are still bound in the,

Shackles of poverty and are hardly,

Capable of sustaining body and soul together,

Have always been treated as a waste material,

What the new world order is going to give us,

Whether it would be the recognition,

Of a power to rule the groups of,

Nations or is it going to improve the lot of the individuals, is,

To be seen,

And that is the only criteria,

Where we can make a claim,

To the betterment of mankind.

If the individuals are to perish,

Under the burden of heavy taxes,

And to find themselves into an awful void,

The taxes collected for the massacre,

Of mankind, and the hard earned money of human hands,

Is going to be pureed into the,

Formation of metallic devices, then we are sure,

To see a downfall of human integrity,

The goddess of money and power,

Has been so vehemently adorned,

That we hypocritically deny the knowledge,

Scientific and economical,

To those who really need it,

To change their lot. Knowledge is being markete4ed,

For the expansions of civilized kind of slavery,

Justice has been made subservient,

To our vested interest and we give it meanings,

In accordance with our willful wishes of keeping,

Others under our domination.

Medals are granted to those, who kill,

The maximum individuals in wars,

And devastate the human sources,

To the maximum degree.

In our fits of dominating others, and to hold,

Our so called principles,

We mar the very spirit of existence,

And take pride in banishing the door,

Of right to live, to others.

Fragments of wisdom are magnified,

Through the vast information media,

To conceal the stream of wisdom,

Running through the individuals of mankind.

For hw long the rugged resistance,

Of common man can go along with,

The cruel hypocrisy spread through,

The information media given into,

The hands of those, who are regularly,

Paid for this snobbery and,

Exploitation of the common man.

Let the common and the poor be given,

Equal opportunities of knowledge,

And sources, if you want to bring

A new successful world order.

No new world order can be successful,

If it is not flavoured with the,

Spiritual light and,

The passionate zeal, of the human heart,

Which can only be brought through,

Pure religious devotion and the,

Ethical germination. We have lost,

This religious and spiritual devotion as well,

And have instead of,

Upholding the flag of humanity,

Thrust ourselves into the mire,

Of ecclesiastical formalism,

The religious dogmatism has,

Been embodied into personal arrogance,

And the individual is being denied the right,

Of searching the light of God,

Without the license of an outwardly ecclesiastic.

The result being, that in spite of,

All our material progress and high boasting,

Of touching the peaks of human success into the,

Exploration of nature and its secret,

We donít have any mental solace,

Of spiritual strength.

And we feel ourselves,

Torn apart and life has escaped to some,

Hidden corners with the fear,

Of the haunts of men.

And we are progressing to,

These peaks with trembling steps,

To reach them only to fall down.

In our thronged cities of progress and prosperity,

We canít steal a moment for,

A peaceful contemplation, and thus,

We are taking the human destiny,

To a point of no return.

The invisible scepter is haunting our land,

And we are rejoicing on our glorious past.

The thorny bushes cover all the ways,

Forcing us tread our steps with cares.

The unfathomed mysteries of life,

Are deep down into human miseries.

The curious riddle of peace and justice,

Perplexes the simples minds,

The laboured are constantly tortured by hunger,

And none bewails their pitiful agony,

Their children cherish for a cup of life,

And their wives are wailing for some rest.

O men of God, where do,

Throb your human hearts.

No longer the murmurs of sweet loves are heard,

No longer the sweet repose bestowed.

The dewy grass leaves are trampled by machines,

And are brimmed with sadness full,

No heart is ready to join with the tearful eyes,

Or participate in the agonies of human soul,

We all remain all along,

Day and night we are working hard,

To steal a few moments of a pure delight,

We go along the path of life,

Seeming to enjoy all peace and calm,

But all at once we meet a calamity,

When the happy smiles turn into wailing cries,

The deep thoughts go fathom deep,

And there remains no joy in care,

We are forced to run after,

A distanced sweetness.

Life has become dull and monotonous,

With a uniformity of all the same,

It has lost the attraction of that rainbow,

When there was sadness in delight,

And delight in sadness,

Webs of complexities are spun around us,

And we like to be stuck in them.

Useless ambitions are clutching their strong fingers,

Round our tiny notion of simple miserable condition,

We are wonder struck on our miserable condition,

But still we persist to live there in.

The rosy lips, the dewy grass, the innocent smiles,

The blushing flower, the dreamy wisdom,

The blinking starts, the flashing lights,

The rolling waters, the balmy and sweet music,

The heaving breasts, the darning life,

The longing eyes, the rising sun, the dying moon,

The eager dreams, the fancies past,

The rosy light, the mid lifeís flower,

The softly smiling cheeks, the dauntless brow,

The rapturous air, the bewitching words,

The hum of bees, the rustling leaves,

The calm delight, the nestling babes,

And the doleful stories, all,

Do not attract us, at all!

O God, we canít come out of this,

Desert of loneliness unless You,

Generate in out heats the purified affections,

For our fellow beings, Without which we can gain,

Neither spiritual insight,

Nor glories of the sublime joy.

The scarcity of purified affection,

Is diminishing the spiritual growth of mankind,

And our material life has taken,

The uphold of our real selves,

We have been degraded by our selfish,

Sorrows and pains,

And ignorance, hatred, despair,

Arrogance, and mischief have,

Become the major characteristics,

Of our daily life,

We have yoked our physical,

Moral and spiritual life,

Under the yoke of our daily needs,

Our sole aim of life has become,

Not to have any high aim of life,

As a consequence, we fear the strong,

And to oppress the weak has become,

Our normal routine. We are boasting,

Of ourselves in prosperity and cursing,

Our fortune in adversity.

Man has become allergic of man,

And wants to flee from him poles apart,

Further to the division of nations,

Languages, customs, laws, and brotherhood,

Each man is now busy in dividing himself,

Inns and outs, and his ultimate aim,

Seems, to lose his identity altogether.

The struggling soul is being forced

To go down into the bowels of earth,

The contemplative mind is called,

Fragile and waste,

Godís glory is being challenged,

On the basis of imperfect record,

And physical operation made,

On the mystic light, to diminish,

The status of man on the pretext of,

Raising him to a high position as the,

Explorer of Godís Universe.

Our unstable memories and imperfect,

Records, are frequently made use of,

To fill in the blanks of history.

There must be some solace to the sufferings,

That we have brought on ourselves,

And somehow or the other,

We must struggle to restore that vision,

That beauty and light,

Enjoyed by the pure soul.

The stubborn dogmas and creeds have shaken,

Our senses and we,

Have become strangers to that ecstasy,

That is enjoyed by innocent hearts,

The mockery on our lips reflects,

The mischief in our hearts,

And the flashing lights of knowledge,

Are mortgaged to our selfish looks,

To avoid the divine light we have,

Put the veils on our eyes,

And sealed our hearts not to see,

The vision of God.

Although our mockeries on that celestial light,

Are thrown on us, yet we,

Go on jesting God,

To fashion our baser lives,

In the thunderous claps of our weaponry,

Thus the achievement of man,

Is changed into nothingness

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