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Knocking at the Heart


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

What kind of wishes we have been nourishing
What kinds of knockings are there at our heart?
O God, how many more hardships have to bear?
For us to keep our soul and body together.

We know that is Your remembrance alone
That can give some kind of consolation to us
We feel Your blessings and kindnesses
Dancing in our eyes and giving us inspiration
We wish to make our home a paradise on earth
But we cannot go beyond and restrict only to wishes
A man surely remembers the kindnesses
Of his well wishers and friends when he is in misery
O God, we cannot count down you kindnesses
Especially those moments when we feel
Both the worlds combined before our eyes
We know that only one glance of Yours
Can give us loves of many human beings
Whenever there are heard some steps
Our heart jumps up and throbs loudly
We know that bowing before You
Gives us unmatchable heights among human beings
It is the inner eye of man in ecstasy
That can see beyond the curtains
Time is ever flowing yet in spite of this
It takes many turns in our short span of life.

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