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Keep the Doors Locked at Night?


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

It is wise to keep the doors locked at night
Yet it related to those times
When the thieves entered the houses stealthily
And tried to take away the things quietly
Now the time has changed
Thefts are rarely made
Now it is the robberies to be taken care of
It is the time when the doors
Are broken and the owners
Are awakened to lie down
All they have or face death
The minds of the thieves and their attitudes
Have been changed to their action
And to law. Respect of law
Is the basic factor in a society to play
Any role positively
When laws are made for vested interest
And without the popular acceptance
They are bound to be ignored
And the actions like robbery become frequent
It is the tragedy of any society
That the law implementing agencies like police
Are not trusted and the affected party
Prefers to suffer its losses
At the hands of thieves and robbers
Instead of the police.
The result, in the end, being the same
To be robbed __ either by the thieves
Or robbers or by the police.

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