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In Search of Peace


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

I am a common man of the world
I am in majority among my fellow beings
I know nothing of the politics
Yet the politicians say that
Majority is authority
I donít know any thing of it
I am only concerned to choose
One of the millionaire as my leader
Or a mentally sharp among humans.
My basic concern is to work and produce
And make life look better to all
For that I plough the land and bring wonders
I have sacrificed my life several times
In the coal mines black bellies
I have torn the mountain to bring valuables
I have run the factories day and night
I have made the infrastructures all around
I have gone deep at the bottom of the sea
And brought out rare information
I have stepped the surface of the moon
And left the marks of my achievements there
Beautiful and attractive to all!
I have sacrificed my sleep for others
I have laboured so hard that gods even
Lauded the work I had done
I have tried to make every body happy
With all the facilities of earthly life.
Yet I am disturbed at heart
I donít know how the wars are started
How nations become enemies of each other
How countries are shattered off their boundaries
How cities are bombed and innocent killed
I donít know all these things
Because I am a common man
I have been labouring hard for mankind
I wish every body enjoy the pleasures of life
But it is not possible without peace
I can show miracles if there is peace
But where is that peace and how to find it?
I am constantly in search of it.

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