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Idle Tears


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

Do not allow your eyes to shed
The idle tears of despair
These are the pearls that are not found
In the sea of worldly life
These are the gifts of God to man
And are to be lamented with love and truth
And if you waste them in idle pursuits
You would be an ungrateful man
These are the tears which are to be shed
For the dear remembrances of the past
For the woes that come to man
For the miseries of the friends
For the beauties gone from earth
For the golden glories lost
For the hearts that could not have
The freshness of life, the music of soul
If you have to shed your tears
Shed them in some fantastic way
Shed them for the happy dreams
Seen by man and lost by man
Do not allow your tears to fall
For such worldly affairs of life
Where successes and failures come and go
Unnoticed by the flow of time.
If you have to shed your tears
Shed them for some noble aim
Of bringing joy to human race
And an inexhaustible pleasure to all mankind.

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