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I Am A Drone


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

I am a drone

I am being used

To fight against terrorists

I am fully capable

Of locating and killing

Whoever I like

I have the capacity

Of locating and killing

Even an ant in its hole.

I have no fears of retaliation

I am the king of the space

I am the ruler of the earth

Nobody has any right

To challenge my authority and right

Though I am fulfilling

The mission of finishing terrorism

Yet you should be all aware

I can peep anywhere I Like

I can indulge into the privacies

Of a husband and wife

And I can publish their pictures

Though it is prohibited

And is against any rule

Of any civilization and humanity

Yet I do not accept this principle

That nobody has the right

To indulge into the privacies

As you see, I am not a body

That I should follow this principle

I am a drone!

And the rules of body Do not apply on me.

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