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Global Reasoning Vs Extremism, Fanaticism, Terrorism


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

The evil dragons have changed the whole world
Into a mazy, dark and gloomy cave
They are sitting within it, in every corner
With their glaring eyes and whispering sounds.
The stench of the human flesh is making their minds fresh
And they are busy in planning to make their next attack
On the innocent people, men, women, children, young and old.
Once these dragons used to be human beings
But gradually, for their ferocious acts they started
Disliking every thing what was happening in the world.

When any body tried to reason with them
They were disturbed because they thought the dialogue
Merely a wastage of time as they did not
Like the abracadabra of words.
The world also did not pay much heed to them
And their disliking was changed into intolerance
They were interfered but instead of yielding
They decided to go to the other end
Their intolerance changed into prejudice and hatred
Against the reasonable mankind

They were retaliated, they were disliked and hated
And consequently they became reactionaries
Their reaction gave birth to the extremism
On the other side as well
And this extremism bred more extremism
And a long vicious circle of evil began.
The wave of terrorism took the whole world
Under its influence, and the world,
The beautiful world of man was changed into
A mazy, gloomy and dark cave

Where these dragons were looking with glaring eyes
And making their mind fresh
By the stench of human flesh
And thus
You and I, all of us know
That there is a wave of extremism
Leading to fanaticism and terrorism.
The extremists, the fanatics and the terrorists
Are all cousins to each other
They are the persons of the underworld

Who want to run every affair of life
In accordance with their own wishes
They believe in taking the direct action
Against every individual, against every group
And even against their own states.
They do not become shy of extending
Their sphere of activities to the entire world.
Their conscience’ do not prick them
For killing the men, women, and the children
Who have nothing to do with the politics

Or the lust of powerful men.
Their victims are usually the innocent
And the common men working for the betterment
Of all humanity and the peace of the world.
These fanatics want to set all the states
Their own and of all the outer world
To the direction they want to lead.
They are the bitter enemies of reason
This all is the result of their frustration and diseased mind.
They are the men emotionalized
By their self righteous beliefs

And they think that they are the champions
Of morality , freedom and of human values
Their religions and the human ethics
They are the frustrated persons
Who put their own states, their own nations
At a stake leading them to utter misery and shame.
They start war at home,
Killing those persons who do not belong
To their own faith, to their own belief and creed.
First they begin to express under tone

Their disliking for the persons or the sect
Who are having a different opinion
A different faith or a different creed
They make the religious gatherings their targets
And when they succeed in their attacks
And indiscriminate killing, they rejoice
How glorious, how pious act they had done.
To such persons all those who do not have
The same faith as they have
Are the infidels spreading evil on earth.

When their states want to control their unlawful actions
They go underground and secretly misguide
The simple and the common people on the name of religion.
These people are very adept in selecting
The young men, in the early teen age, the hungry,
The unemployed and the deprived,
Alluring them in different ways and supporting them
With the money which God knows from where they heap.
The misguided youths, along with the worldly charms,
Are shown the gardens of heavens through their verbosity.
They proclaim to be highly religious

Yet they do not know even the A.B.C, of it.
This is however, one category of the extremism.
The states extremism being another.
Some states, over esteeming themselves
And their physical power, want
To impose their own pattern of life and system of govt.
Their ideologies and their ethics on the weaker states
And force them to follow their dictations
And when any nation fails to obey them
They blockade their every way to progress.
The whole nation is subjugated in such a way

That it is forced to kneel down before their masters.
This is another way of giving rise to extremism
Leading to fanaticism and terrorism.
Certain individuals or the groups claim to understand
The situation and they adopt such methods
That all are worrisome, not only their own govts
But also the usurpers. In such cases, the extremist come out of their houses, leave their own families and countries, if needed
And go to the doors, to the houses of the exploiters.
The start killing the innocent people to put pressure

On the self righteous powerful states
So that they review their policies under public pressure.
They succeed or they do not succeed in their mission,
They have at least the feelings that they have taken some revenge
And punished the usurping nation to the extent they can.
There are certain individuals in every nation and country
Who provoke some people by their disparaging remarks
Against the holy prophets or the sacred personalities
By their writing or by any other derogatory way
The purpose is to slighten a whole religion and its followers.

In such cases the govts and the dignitaries of the affected nation
Protest and when their protests are not heard
Or these are ignored in a slighting manner
Certain individuals or groups of the victimized state or religion Become agitated. They protest not by words but by actions
By making bomb blasts or the suicide attacks.
The world does not pay heed to what was and is
The original matter that stirred some people to be
The extremists or the fanatics. When we see on the world scenario,
We find that most of the extremists, the fanatics or the terrorists

Belong to the Muslim world. It is so because the Muslim world is Being victimized most of all in every possible way.
They are victimized politically, economically, socially and religiously
Their holy religion is made a target of criticism and condemnation.
All those who criticize the extremists or the fanatics or the terrorists,
Contribute to enhance these evils when they extend their criticism
To the religion itself and when this is done, those who have nothing
To do with these evils are disgusted by their unjustified criticism.
Their feeling are injured and they are pained at heart
The extremists avail this opportunity and take more stuff
From the non-extremists because they succeed in convincing
The non-extremists that they are fully justified

In declaring a secret war against those
Who damage the sacredness of their religion
And exploit them any way they can.
That is what is happening in the world and that is
How the west is looking towards Islam.
Islam is a religion of peace and it never allows
Those activities which are being practiced
By the extremist, the fanatics and the terrorists.
The common Muslim, the Muslim States and the
The reasonable people hate those evils

There is a paradox prevailing the western world
As it is in the Muslim world itself.
The exploiting states keep their seemingly friendship
With the Muslim States for lucrative benefits
And the sources especially of oil
Which are available in the Muslim world
For the western countries to keep on going
With the local states as the people of these countries
Have developed a habit of hating all the Muslims
Without making any distinction who is the extremist

And who is against the extremism.
This hatred has its reaction in the Muslim world as well
And the people of the Muslim countries
Want to get rid of the so called benefactors.
With the result that with every action
A reaction is created and it has
Changed itself in such a vicious circle
Which never seems to come to an end.
If we have to rout out extremism, fanaticism and terrorism
And other evil connected to them

We will have to show patience and cultivate
A habit of tolerance. And this is not possible till all the individuals
All the nations and all the states do not review
To what direction are they leading to.
If we try to locate the origins of extremism
Or of fanaticism or of terrorism we will have to swallow
The bitter pills. We will have to take into account
The ground realities which germinated these evils.
Extremism, fanaticism and terrorism
Has a long history. Only its form has changed
It is becoming more horrible because the individuals

Have now been involved into it.
Otherwise if we look to the history of the states
This extremism, fanaticism and terrorism
Has been there from a long time.
We do not need to go back very far in the past
Only take the history from the world war II
The world war second itself started due to extremism
Prevalent at that time. There had been created a culture of hatred
And prejudice among certain nations
The mighty powers forced the weaker ones
To obey the conditions much disgracing to them

And when the subjugated nations found opportunity
They retaliated might with might.
The end of the second world war, strange to say,
Was based on extremism. This was the time when atom bomb
The mother of all evils was invented and used out of the way
Killing millions of human beings including the young
Old, men, women and children. The hypocritical attitude with a false
Justification gave the slogan that it was necessary
To end the war. The next step towards extremism was taken
When the victorious powers reserved for themselves,
The power of veto. Thus the epigram that all animals

Are equal but some are more equal
Was made true on an international level.
Not only this, the democratic spirit of which we all
Are so staunch supporters and often eulogize in our boasts
Was martyred on the alter of veto. The victorious
Themselves even became victim of this evil when they
Could do nothing in the face of one state who vetoed
The majority. This was and is the worst kind of dichotomy
And bigotry creating hatred among the nations.
Which the big powers were maintaining very fondly.

This evil gave birth and rise to cold war,
Of which the major population of the whole world
Was victimized. That money which should have
Been spent on people and for the betterment of human beings
Was swallowed by the weapons of mass destruction.
An ever continued race to become the nuclear power started.
And a point came when the bigs wanted to have this device
Of mass destruction reserved only to themselves.
Other nations, weak but not weaker
Also started thinking for their security and also for maintaining

Their superiority to their neighbouring enemies
The all perfect states began to raise hue and cry
On such efforts and their maid servant the U.N.O
Was asked to pass resolutions against any efforts
Made by any country to this direction.
This is the worst kind of paradoxical situation
When you say that atom bomb or the other
Such like or more dangerous bombs are forbidden
As these are destructive for humanity
But no harm if we keep it because we already have it

Another paradoxical situation prevailing this world is that one
That the state who used this drastic bomb
Who killed millions of human beings is forcing the whole world
To acknowledge her as the flag holder and champion of peace.
Those states who want to maintain their security are being made
The target of criticism and the maid servant has been
Activated to pass resolutions against them.
The matter is easy and straight if you admit that these bombs,
Of all kinds are destructive to humanity, why not to destroy
Them altogether without any discrimination
Why some countries have to keep and some not?

This is all due to the truth of the doctrine that
Might is right whether it is within U.N.O or without it.
And this might is not only in the form of weapons
But it is manifesting itself in many forms.
It is damaging the whole fabric of human society
Especially of the countries who are poor
Who are under developed or who are trying to develop.
It is interfering into their patterns of life, it is damaging
Their social life, it is ridiculing their religions, it is usurping
Their natural sources, and it is exploiting their people

It has created a general sense of insecurity all over the world
And in all the human beings.
When the weaker, the poor, the exploited, the backward,
The under developed, the developing nations find no way
And they are forced to beg for life, the general result is frustration
In some people who begin to generate dislike, intolerance, prejudice, Hatred, extremism, fanaticism and terrorism.
If we want to finish these evils from human society,
We must review ourselves, we must root out all those causes
Which are generating these evils. We must feel ashamed
Of ourselves that none of God’s creatures, not even the animals are

So much enemies of their race, as we, the crown of all creatures are
I condemn all these evils but we will have to think
Patiently, cool mindedly, reasonably, what to do for peace.
When we start thinking on this and we start doing something for this,
And decide to settle all problems through dialogue,
We shall be able to say that we are
The flag holders of Global Reasoning.

The End.

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