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Global Reasoning


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

In this era of war turmoil it seems very difficult to talk of global reasoning. Different countries of the world are in conflict with each other. Cold war has taken a very silent but active shape. Terrorism is at the peak. The mania of hegemony is overtaking the world peace. Every kind of justification is given by the aggressors to give their aggression a genuine brand. Global reasoning is thought to be the voice of the cowardice. But in spite of all these hostilities to global reasoning, its importance cannot be overlooked nor it can be avoided because that is the only way the world can move towards peace and tranquility.

Global reasoning means a sort of thinking, a sort of argument that leads to the prosperity of the whole world through peaceful process and the settlement of the disputes through negotiation. In global reasoning, dialogue and not the weapons are the main instruments to be applied. Global reasoning provides such a foundation to the world on which every nation of the world, bigger or smaller, can stand with self respect and the mutual respect. It provides such solutions and settlements to the problems that are acceptable to all concerned. It benefits every one and harms nobody. It requires tolerance and patience and condemnation all sorts of bullying.

The object of global reasoning is a hard to achieve unless all the nations of the world recognize the rights of live and let others live. It requires non- interference in the internal matters of any state or nation. It acknowledges the religious, political, economical and social liberties to all the nations and allows every nation to decide for itself what is the better way for their nation to lead a peaceful and prosperous life. Such a high aim cannot be achieved without the peaceful cooperation of other nations. This cooperation, must however, be based on goodwill and not on political domination or exploitation.

The UNO that was formed to achieve these high aims has badly failed. The Security Council, the chief organ of the UNO can be held responsible for the present war atmosphere and turmoil in the world. There is no need to go in detail in this respect because every body knows what is happening with the UNO. The solution, is however, not to get rid of UNO but to activate it justly. The smaller nations of the world cannot do any thing in this matter. It is mainly the responsibility of the big powers who have the power of veto to think over how to improve the situation.

The first and foremost action that requires the immediate attention of the Security Council is to make a list of those issues that are disturbing the peace of the world and involving even those nations who have nothing to do with the problem. The world has become a global village, without the hegemony, of any country, and if there is a problem in one corner of the world, the other corner is also disturbed.

After scrutinizing the problems, it is the duty of the Veto-powered countries to find out the solutions, of course after discussion with the conflicting parties, with a schedule of time. If the time limit is not fixed, then there cannot be any possibility that the conditions would be changed.

It is usual with the conflicting parties to blame each other. The causes of these conflicts are some times, very old, as old as 5000 years. We will have to acknowledge that the claim of the any nation cannot be based only on history. If the ownership of a piece of land is maintained on this basis, then, the whole land, first of all, belonged to Adam. There must not by any boundaries. If we have made or created new boundaries, then those must be respected. If there are any boundaries that are still disputed, a demarcation by UNO must be made and that one accepted by all the nations of the world.

Killing of humanity, the old, young and the children is a crime. No nation should try to perform this heinous action on any basis, religious, political, economical, social or ideological. The material attitude towards life has lead human being to be too selfish. Every nation wishes to out-do others good for nothing. God has provided man with plenty of sources, if we excludes the luxuries that have intruded manís contented life, even now, these sources are more than enough. This can be achieved by a simple and easy pattern of life. We have made ourselves, too mechanical and too laborious to achieve our material ends based on vanity.

The invention and the storage of deadly weapons, like atom bomb, is the greatest evil that has lad human beings to the urge of devastating others. There is the current international issue of holding or making atomic devices by some country or countries and such countries are made the target of criticism. But it is paradoxical that such a pressure is being made by those countries, who themselves hold such weapons. It is a paradoxical situation. If atomic weapons are deadly, and surely they are, then these must by destroyed by every state. These must be buried deep in the bowels of the earth wherefrom they have no opportunity to come back. If these weapons are not destroyed at par, there is no possibility, that this race could be stopped. To attack a state, as was done, in the case of Iraq in 1981, would prove a temporary solution. There are certain nations in the world that have successfully achieved this technology in spite of the opposition of the atomic powered countries. There are also certain nations in the world who are holding atomic weapons, or the technological skill for it, but who have not declared themselves that they are the atomic powers.

The evil of terrorism is a new one. It has taken hold of the whole world. The terrorists are the mysterious persons. They are spread all over the world. If the atomic devices reach their hands, they will not hesitate to use it against any country they like. The way we have adopted to finish the terrorism and the terrorists is not based on wisdom. You cannot finish the terrorist because you donít have their identity, their residence and their whereabouts. To kill a few persons as terrorist and then to boast of it thinking that they would be out rooted is equal to living in fools paradise. The root cause of this evil, is the injustice and the atomic devices. These two evils must be finished if the human beings want to see this world a land of peace. When peace comes, prosperity would automatically be welcomed.

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