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But the Human Heart


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

The leafy banners of the trees
Are always there to deliver
The message of peaceful growth
But the human heart made barren
By its own maddened pursuits
Does not care a bit for them
Even the birds are busy in singing
The songs of joys with all their limited sources
They are more content than man
Man who claims himself to be
The crown of all creatures
Does not have any purpose
Before him except to think
How can he prove himself
Superior to all other creatures
And to his own fellow beings
Not in high aspirations
Not in pious and harmless joys
Not in sharing his fellows’ sorrows
And miseries but in physical
And destructive force. Millions of dollars
Are spent every day at the cost of
Hungry people and their deprivations.
The chanticleer of time is making the alarming blow
Not of the coming morning
But of an approaching night
That would make the already darkened world
More dark.
It is perhaps telling the world
That its end is rapidly coming to its barns
And the prophesies of the doomsday
Are going to be true very soon.

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