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Better You Forget Me Part Ė V


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

(Dedicated to my grand daughter Noorul Huda Zahara)

Whenever I am frustrated I remember your name
I manifest this inner pain by various means
I arrange a beautiful meeting with you in my imagination
And give many meanings to the voice I hear from you.
Whatever has happened has happened no need to mention
There is no need to remember that paradise lost by us
Our understanding remains some where half the way
That was a strange accident which happened to us.
There are the surges that go on rising every moment
There are many storms coming to us all the time
But the wall of my shelter house are very high and strong
And I am getting calm and peace by remaining into it.
If God had blessed me with his kindness ii was very good
If I could raise my hands for prayers if was fantastic
If I had some sympathizer in this world that was nice
If there had been some person to caress my wounds!
This is the only way that makes arrangements to meet God
These pains of the world lead you to think over of Almighty
All these worldly dignities are also bestowed by You
All the papers of my honour are waiting Your orders.
Though you conceal the truth for some worldly benefit
But you cannot get rid of the real truth which you know
It is better you leave good memories behind you
All this worldly pomp and show will be left behind.
The papers of my identity are lying with you
All that belongs to my body and soul is your property
All these dignities of the world are temporary
And all my honour are related to Your kindness.
Yet we have to give back this life to You
Yet we have to get ourselves arrested before You
We need only a little time more to do something
We have to give to the world some rare pearls of wisdom.
Still the darkness has not seen your light
Still the ignorance has not come across your awareness
Your blessing are still far away from us
Still this sorrowful heart have to experience some happiness.
When every we are overjoyed we utter some words
And we go on suffering for the whole life because of them
When we are called in the highest court
We have to bend our heads with shame.
I have come out again to find the lost paradise
I had made a promise which I have still to fulfil
The devil had made me astray from my real path
I have come out to plant a new plant to true love.
You will have to find the love which resides within man
You will have to find the devotion devoid of selfishness
You will have to find those persons who scatter fragrances
And you will have to remain in the company of such persons.
Whether is the blooming of the petals or the blossom of gardens
The green shawl on the face of this earth is so beautiful
You will come to know that it is only He the centre of all the universe
Every thing happens or does not happen only on His command.
You will have to find in this world a man with an insight
You will have to find a person to change your fate
That man who gives expanse to the human eye
You with have to find that sea of love behind the eyes.
Suddenly an earthquake will come and fell down the pillars
These pillars will be laid down in the secret cell of the earth
Beware of that time which is going to come some day
When every thing will be changed to a heap of dust.
This sun and this moon is to brighten His earth
His dears are governing on all the stars
All the airs, all the spaces, the sky and the earth
Are always under his command and the life itself
The springs of light and enlightenment are my wealth
I am kept awakened by the inner happiness of my heart
When reality begins to come out of the darkness
The lights of God begin to cry with happiness.
When we see our feathers scattered in the cage
We wish to sacrifice this life to avoid this disgrace
But when we remember of Him Who wrote our fate
We have to bend our heads before his willingness.
If He showers his kindness, the tongue expresses words
The naked beggar is offered the golden throne with respect
How can a person raise his head full of gratitude
It is He who blesses man without his demands.
Those words which are express by His kindness
Become the shining stars in the vast sky
All the dark curtains which are lying in between
It is not strange that those are removed with His one signal.
Although we have been looking a strong fort outside
Yet we have been deteriorating from inside in your grief
We have always been praying for your greatness all the time
And our tears have been flowing asking blessings for you.
Now communication with Him has become automatic
Now our own identity is known only through Him
I seems I am not at all separate from Him
All my journey and my destination is connected to Him.
Still there are some people in the world who are concerned for others
They are very particular of the words their utter
When depressions begin to grow in the world of men
Such people serve as the breeze of spring in autumn.
When my imagination takes me very high in its flights
I give new meanings to the old stories told by men
Then I am capable of approaching the forgotten things
And by His grace I am able to revive the old human traditions.
In the company of faithful the words of humility word
Here the hearts are conquered by humble attitudes
Here the supplications of heart plays miracles
Here you have to belittle your to achieve greatness.
The secrets come to light if there is kindness from Him
Then your veins begin to speak and your tongue expresses wonders
Here the mad ecstasy rules and the wisdom serves
Nature opens all its treasure to the naked eye in such conditions
He only knows what courses has he prescribed for us
Our knowledge remains limited only to the books
What supplication is to be accepted, He is to decide
Where the caravan of clouds of kindness is to be sent.
It is because of the praise of the Last Prophet of God
And the love of his dears, Ali, Fatima and Hussnain
That the sinners also begin to dream of paradise
And the heart finds satisfaction even in this world.
What a miserable picture shall we be presenting
When our laps would be full of our sins
But one thing gives us encouragement when we think
That we shall be under the shadow of his kindness.
The hearts do not hold the fair like Choha Saiden Shah
(It is a sacred place in Chakwal known for a saint)
Some times in the past the crowds there wrote the histories
We have tramples many good traditions of human values
Still there are some people even now who are sticking to them.
When we become gloomy, some voice calls us to itself
Some times it leaves the magic of words on the tongue
When we become afraid of the dead silence of the night
The voice begins to sing sweet songs before us.
If we are able to bear the accident of your parting
If we bring no complain on our lips against him
It is hoped that one day in His court we shall be honoured
And the sinners like us would be restored to their positions.
We have come out to board on the throne of air
We intend to travel through the unlimited space
Where ever we see it is Your who is visible every where
We met you where ever we ascended or descended.
O, God what a pleasure do your people get by teasing their fellows
They donít care who is before them, their friend of their enemy
When ever any body talks of love, they are at once annoyed
Their disgust is soon changed into a disrespecting ridicule.
We have come out to find some light in the dark night
We are searching the gleams of good luck in misfortune
Here the purity of feelings has been rare in the men
See, our courage that we have come out to find God.
Some times some moments come in to the blowing winds
And those moments tell of the realities of life on earth
They tell how people become jealous of Gods mercy
The opponents are always after to snatch this mercy.
The reality which you have been searching, is far away
You are searching him in this life, he is not even beyond life
You are looking him in the fields of human wisdom
And you donít know that he lives beyond these regions.
People yet remain ignorant in spite of all their knowledge
They are still unaware even of themselves
Whatever they understand they take it true
They are considering their fictions as if these are facts.
We donít consider that the stars are just an accident
We donít consider that this sky came into being by itself
Some people are of the strange habit of ignoring every thing
They pose to see nothing even when the realities are before them.
I wish to cross all limits of time
I wish that a wave of passions and ideas is gushing
I wish not to limit myself only to awareness
I am always after to know the unknown.
(To the students of Iqra Quaid Academy, Chakwal)
It is Godís blessing to be within the world of butterflies
It is enjoyable to be in the fairy land and fairies
These girls, my students are going with lights in their hands
And these are the embodiment of nobility and delicacy
Their moon- like faces are always full of questions
Their eyes are always pouring forth the answers
They are always absorbed to know the inner nature of man
And their thoughts always remain curious to find realities.
The enlightened eyes provide light in the darkness
Their deep thoughts give courage to the hearts
When there is a complicated human issue
Their eyes burn and quench like the glow-wormís light.
The create and blossom new gardens in barren life
There is spring every where when they smile
God has blessed them with such a sweet pain
That they forget of their own sorrows for others.
They know well how to respect their parents
They know how to honour their elders
They live in the breaths of their teachers like fragrance
And they know how to dignify their fellow beings.
They are progressing to the right path with lights in hands
They decorate themselves by the cloaks of chastity
They always avoid the company of bad people
They keep their eyes bending with an ego of self-respect

They are always busy in making colourful pictures of love
They are always trying to console the deserted hearts
They are always trying to know the realities of life
They build their high edifices against winds.
Their knowledge is a sea and their wisdom their boats
They are always giving some question of the airs
They go deep in waters to find the answers to their queries
They are always have slates of questions in their hands.
They are always trying to find our greatness in human beings
They have a keen eye to observe the changing season
They remain very impatiens to do some thing for life
They are always trying to judge the peaks of human dignities.
They know what is the value of time and how to utilize it
They are always devoted to their work and study
They remain far away from the artificial intelligence
They know the value of real love and devotion.
They are often found fully absorbed in deep thoughts
Some times they express their happiness on finding truths
They are some times disturbed by the riddles of life
But they donít lose heart and keep on going to their destination.
They would always remain victorious in the habitation of men
They would look into the seasons with the curiosities of life
They would always keep the realities of life before them
They would try to be the same from outer and inner selves.
They are the valuable assets of their nation
They are the symbols of determination in their journey
They are the symbols of human respect and dignity
They are the past, the present and the future of their nation.

(To my daughter- in- law Uzma Sadaf)

A loving man is a blessing of God
And to value him is the worship
Every man is not bestowed with this wealth
This is only the kindness of God.
A loving heart is the embodiment of fragrance
He is the blooming flower in every season
He is always signing the sweet songs of love
And he is sweetly playing on the cords of life.
When I am too much depressed by the circumstances
And when my every morning and evening is gloomy
There is somebody with me in such conditions
Who is ready to support me and console me.
She lives like a morning in her life
She is a strong shore against the agitated waves
She is a glittering starts for the travelers in the dark night
She is a constant source of inspiration of hard work.
No doubt her poetry is full of curiosities
Her poetry shows the new ways of art
Every moment she reads life with a novelty
And her poetry is a true mirror of what she feels.
She is often playing with her tears when alone
She is trying to ask the secrets of life from them
She knows it is no use being worried and doing nothing
She remains busy in caressing her grief.
When the mirror of life becomes too dusty
When there are many faces upon a face
She refers her matters to God
And then she finds an insight to work upon.
God has bestowed her an invaluable wealth of pain
She has been bestowed with a generous heart
She tries to share the pain and sorrows of others
And she has been blessed with the passions of friendship.
She always remains in touch with life and literature
This is a decent way of communication to God
She thinks that every destination is another beginning of journey
And to keep on moving ahead is her favourite hobby.
She is fortunate to have the fruits of the prayers of elders
Some times she is favoured by the inspiration of spiritual contacts
Some times she finds a guiding star in her dreams
And some times she gets an unexpected gift from God.
We depart after giving you some help in your life
We go after giving you the ideas we had with us
Although there are some bitter pills for you
Yet there are many sweet passions to motivate you.

The End

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