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Better You Forget Me Part IV


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

(Dedicated to my grand daughter Noorul Huda Zahra)

All the writings have become meaningless and barren
This is a house without any doors or windows
For how many centuries we have been having aspirations
And we have been keeping this magical tradition for many centuries.
We have not discovered anything since long
We have been stuck in our journey for centuries
We have been merely reading the lines of our hands
And our game has neither the servant nor the king.
We have kept our tomorrows beyond this horizon
We have kept hidden this our wealth from others
We have made a nest full of hopes and victories
And we have been busy in decorating it all the time.
We are in the habit of saying what we have in head
Our tears are accustomed to flowing from the eyes
We have been writing what we observed
And we have been expressing what did we experience.
When there was left nothing we spoke
The whole world was clearly absorbed in thoughts
O, my heart I have given the whole life
And then you thought of counting what did you lose.
We give a new spirit to our tired feet by soliciting gestures
We live on remembering the flowers of some memories
Though we know that something here is short
Yet we want to be happy on life which we have.
Human wisdom is not all it can go astray
There are many difficult knots in love
Those people who have been the sources of joy
Some times they themselves become gloomy.
There are p laces where life remain quite passive
There are occasions when it is absorbed in deep thoughts
Some where it becomes victim of egoism
Some times it sacrifices itself for others.
In these hard times we have to keep our feet stable
We have to strengthen the borders of mind and live
It is not the time now to write histories with blood
Now it is the wisdom and patience that works.
The eyes of imagination are now standing aside
We do not know what are they searching for
There is the ocean, the wind, the moo and the stars
And these eyes are looking wonder-struck.
Those who are proud see a down fall ultimately
There journey always remains a journey
The wind of time begins to blow against them
And they are not honoured any where.
Beware we are not changed into nothingness in this world
Beware we are not exhausted body and soul
You have to keep the change of time in view
Or you will be blown away like a straw.
We have been living in the caves and our beards have reached
Our ankles. We have not been able to express clearly
We have been weaving webs around us for many races
Neither have we adopted the world , nor the religion.
There is no blood left yet the people are throwing stones on us
All of them are impatient to kill us altogether
That is the way they are proving their relationship with us
They do not bother any formalities in making us injurious.
The heart longs for a cool shadow in this burning sand
The heart longs to see a single sympathetic soul in this crowd
Here every body is lonely and is trying his best
To see a single flower in this thorny field.
It is a long experience of death in which we are living
It is the poison we are drinking taking it a honey
Though we know our wounds are not going to heal
Yet we are doing every thing to cure them.
Those walls and doors remained in the eye from a distance
The co-travelers were like lighted lamps for me
The place where there is only restlessness now
Used to provide me the satisfaction of a home.
You are crying hoarse good for nothing
Your will be forced to be silent as in the jungle
When time will search for the gone-by civilization
You age will be remembered just like Nanowa.
Those who want to seek their destination are not tired
They are not afraid of any thorny or tedious path
They faith in themselves in never shaken
They are never afraid of the dragons and witches of the way.
Nobody wishes to leave his own home
Nobody wants to be crazy for nothing
But there are people who force a person
To remain unwise and inhospitable.
It is good in journey to be hasty
Not is it good to creep like a snail
It is not enjoyable for a man to get victory
And win without any hard competition.
Here is the place where wall of hatred are too high
The swords of tongues are too sharp to cut
Here to think of love is made a sin by people
Here the borders of prejudice are too strong.
To keep up appearances only is no life
It will make you a stranger even in your own home
The borrowed cloak never gives you the grace
And a man cannot go like this for a long time.
We know how to drink poison as if it was honey
We know how to get happiness out of grief
The time may wound us as much as it wants
We know how to solicit our wounds with love.
We will have to be silent one day when tired of cries
We will never like to supplant before any me
We will prefer to go to some deserted corner
And be happy to be out of approach of anybody.
The deep thoughts seem to be covered with moss
It is the blackish mounting night before us
All the lines of our hands show that
The worldly gods with remain ruling on us.
We have been thinking much of making our nest
We have been trying to hide the lightening
But the chains of liberty does not allow us to walk
And we have become accustomed to be victim of the skies.
The burning ashes have died even then see
There may be some live coal hidden there
Try to remove the dead ashes, who knows
Underneath may still be lying an image of life.
It is our habit to see every tomorrow full of hope
It is our habit to take the winds our supporters
We have been passing life on the very delusion
And trying to look for a river in a drop of water.
It is no use running after the walking shadows
The season of the heart always keeps on changing
Try to have some permanent place of shelter
The houses of mud are not trust worthy in rains.
We are never disgusted by the changing moods of friends
We never express our sorrows when our heart breaks
The hard times cannot lessen our love for our friends
And we never change even in the worst of circumstance.
We have made the tiny plants turn grown up trees
But their branches do not seem to bring fruit
Now it has been revealed to us that
The time has been playing tricks on us.
When hopes are scattered winds remain there to talk about
When all plans fail the writings of fate are discussed
When there is the misunderstanding between two hearts
Their ego stands between them and separates them.
If there is the light in the heart it is felt everywhere
In such a case even silence begins to speak
The sea cannot hide the moon in its depth
Its moonlight is however seen and felt.
We have to keep on searching light in this darkness
We have to find some cool shady tree in the desert
We have to search for our home in this ruin
It cannot be found anywhere else.
Nothing is visible to me this darkness
When the feet become unstable it is difficult to continue
Please help me if you have any light with you
I am becoming hopeless to hear or see anything.
There are the walls of mountains wherever we go
I do not know where should I go with this dark night
My eye sight has been torn apart in this voyage
And I cannot see which of the two sails is mine.
(To my dear grand daughter Noorul Huda Zahra)
O, my little innocent child what should I tell you of the world
You are too young and what shall I tell you of man
The petals of your thoughts are still too soft
And what should I tell you of the severe blows of wind.
Your nest will come under the attacks of lightening
Sometimes a severe storm will enter the borders of your life
Your have to take heart and face them boldly
Though the shadow of fear will always be lurking on you.
You will often remember sweet slumbers in your motherís lap
You will be weeping to miss the kindness of your grand father
But keep in mind we all live here alone in life
You will come to know this reality with the passage of time.
What springs of love there are in your tiny hands
When you are with me I feel to have all wealth of the world
Your innocent face give me happy news all the times
And there is a permanent message of delight in you eyes.
Whenever I feel too lonely in this path of life
When I feel that my whole life has been wasted
You come in the streets of my heart and stroll happily
And then I feel that God Almighty is with me.
You will have to tread on the thorny ways of life
You will feel autumn coming the spring of life
Here the arms of pain are too lengthy to be measured
Here the quakes come all of sudden and ruin every thing.
God knows what kind of world you keep creating when alone
You are only two years old even then you are seeing dreams
It seems you are listening to some painful story
While sitting in the lap of Nature.
Sometime there is a light smile on you lips
Sometimes tears are flowing down from your eyes
Perhaps you donít know yet that the life keeps on changing
It will take some times for you to know its realities.
I see a minaret of light in your forehead
I see the crowd of ideas flying in your eyes
When you are happy you donít know
What a pleasure you provide to my old eyes.
I wish that you tread upon this dewy grass smoothly
Your destination itself may come to see you
If you have time, please pray for a heart
That has always been disappointed by time.
Your stable feet would bring lot of changes to the world
All your fried would be changed into smile
My child! Never allow disgust to sit on your brow
Because grief ultimately breeds comfort and happiness.
Sometimes in my dreams I give you lullaby
In your deserted eyes I leave the fairies to play
Sometimes I hide a rose under your pillow
To awake you up and play with me.
There is some mystery in your broken words
That mystery is often creating thrill in my thoughts
When you play on the cord of my heart in an ecstasy
I feel transported into another world so beautiful.
These are the pearls or the tears staying on your cheeks
Or these are the glow worms come into some foreign lands
Or these are the prophets of fire burning in your heart
Or this is fragrance laden with dew.
Go on keeping the blooming flowers of smile on your lops
Keep on giving some sweet words to the world
My chil1 never be satisfied on borrowed life
You have to add some chapters to the book of humanity.
What is it that you see in your dreams, and smile
Is there some angel who visits you in your slumber
Or it is some heavenly fairy in whose lap you sit
And fall in an ecstatic happiness with her.
You have to save your talents from the cruel hands of time
You have to make your home a heavenly abode
Although there are so many difficulties in life
Yet your have to make your simple home a peace giving place.

The night is too dark where should we search you
There is the only way that we should search you every where
There is no word sitting on its proper place
And we do not know how should we find the meanings.
Your remembrance lives in the heart as a devotion
It is the love which is full of all fragrances
It is like the all pervasive love of some body
That changes the autumn of life into spring.
There are some tears sitting in my lap as pearls
Or these are some devotees on some monastery
A long time has passed yet those are as sweet as honey
There are some words on the tongue that never retire.

Your have to keep the symbols of love in your thoughts
You have to enliven the homes that have been deserted
If God has bestowed you with a broad mind and heart
You have to keep their sanctity at any cost.

O, the proud man we know of your dignity
We know you make very high claims of knowledge
We know of your efforts to keep up appearances
Yet let us know if you have thought of the broken hearts.
I am being scattered in the winds of imagination
I am trying hard to make you beauties more beautiful
These are the prayers of some broken heart
That keep me moving ahead in the worst circumstances.
You will have to break all old senseless traditions
Then you will have to swim with an unpaved earthen pitcher
But take care of taking the extreme step
That you have to look to the worried faces around you.
Let me hold the flag of love very high
Let me repeat this word again and again
There is a surge in the heart rising every moment
Let me express every thing which I have in my heart.
Life has become too bitter, make it sweet by some way
There is a loving silence, speaking of some positive change
Tell them that it is not so easy to ruin a man.
We have come out to show our pains to the world
We are trying to evade the monsters in our way
We are giving heart to our inner warmth
And trying to mould our bodies to sustain pain.
It is not good to put friends to trial
It is not good to lose heart in misery
Love is a gift of God and has been with man
Since his birth, donít count it in beads.
There is too much work for me to do, let me go
I have to tell to the world the values of promise and trust
The winds have thrown the straws very far
I have to pick them again and make the nest anew.

We have come to you with a cherishing heart
We donít know what hopes we have attached to you
Although the way is very tedious yet
We hope to find the destination one day.

We are asking you not to talk of the accidents time and again.
We are requesting you not to speak of the broken hearts
Why canít you see the charms of life all around
It is strange we are persisting on the tragic aspect of life.
What help should I extend to you when I am myself in waters
I am surrounded by useless activities all the time
Every moment of my life brings a new kind of experience
I am a traveler who is moving ahead without any destination.
If one goes on travelling he is he is sure to find some destination
A time would come when love would be frequently available
Tell in the ears of dying humanity
That a life giving spirit is on its way to you.
See how life has decorated itself for you
See what a silvery earth is under your feet
See how the stars are shining in the sky for you
See how simple and joyful life has decorated itself.
These eyes are aspiring to see somebody
Some times the hopes begin to waver this way or that
But who comes to provide smile to the bewailing eyes
The cloud of grief scatter by their will.
There is somebody sitting on the minaret of my imagination
He has set a very high standard to reach to him
Time keeps its height hidden from him
Some one is sitting on very high walls.
From the joys of the heart we have come to deserted place
We had come out of home in search of God but have reached
Idolatry. There would be a rare person like us in the world
We come back again and again to the same cavern.

Love is a constant pain we have to think of its cure
In our devotion we have to perform some rituals
We have to complete the journey giving and taking love
And thus make this journey a bit easier.
We have been taught by our heart to respect love
We have been taught to keep the bonds of friendship
O, the fellow travelers we expect this from you
That you would pray for us in this journey.
My heart is standing apart from me today
God knows what wrong I have done to him
I have been caught in some unknown fault
That is why it is not responding to m e at all.
The lands of hearts remain inhabited in all the times
The provision of love keeps them fertile
Those moments which are passed under some cool shade
Come back to the memories again and again in burning sands.
The story of our pain is still half told
God knows where is our destination in the scattered paths
We are going on drowning and coming out
On the surge of life which knows no shores.
The elegies of broken heart do not work any longer
The misery of love leaves nothing to console
When ever I begin to talk of life and living
My pains and sorrows come to welcome me.
I have to say many things let me express
Allow my name to stay in the list of those mad persons
Still there is much water in the springs of my eyes
Let my tears flow as freely as they want.
The door is open but we have no heart to beg
We are not in the habit of flattering in love
The living self puts us into great difficulty
When we cannot express our love to our beloved.
We live on the flowers of your memory
We live on the sweet twitters of our ideas
When we are broken by the journey of the desert
The sweet and hopeful dreams allure us.
O the flower you look very beautiful sitting on a twig
But you should be afraid of time which is cruel
It is very easy to have some high hopes and ambitions
But we should also have some knowledge of the downfall.
We also need some cool shade some where to support us
We also need the pure and sincere prayers of some body
Our forehead remains very impatient every moment
And we want your foot- marks ahead of us for encouragement.
The sand of the desert is burning yet we are very enthusiastic
Your age has advanced and we are also flowing like water
There are petals of roses every where we go
And we are flying like butterflies in the jungles of love.
My lap is full of the blows of the cruel season
There are everywhere accidents around me
Our tongues have tasted bitterness every moment
And our eyes have been made vacant by the cruel time.
I have come to tell you my story of pain
How life has passed here, I shall tell you
You donít know how hard were the heights that I reached
I have come to show you the new world of ideas.
Those are also the leaves that are still standing the branch
Those were also the leaves that have been blown away by the wind
This is the game which the gods of fate keep on playing
Those are also the leaves which are lying in you way.
What should one see of the broken heart
What is the use of standing in the back ground
The real fun is of today which creates thrill
The fun of the past or the future has no meanings.
I am looking forward to her, may be she comes this way
My eye-lashes are kissing the way she has to come
I have ignored all the accidents happening to me
And am busy in decorating her way.
It is no harm if you live for others
It benefits your attention if it is to one side
The journey is covered soon if there is love
It is better to sacrifice every thing for some one.
We also erect very high buildings of hope and fondness
We teach our heart how to be happy in grief
When autumn comes in the spring of life
We begin to remember our meeting with friends.
We have to bind together the scattered pearls of our love
We have to wash those stains which appear o our face
It is better to happen what has to happen
The constant fear is eating us and our thoughts.
You donít know how suddenly our dreams dashed down
Our tears have become a burden to our sad eyes
Some times the mirrors of the eyes become dim
And some time they enable us to see beyond our life.
We have to keep open the gate way to our tears
We have to keep the rose of our life fresh
It is becoming difficult to hear the burden of our pin
We have to asses the patience of our body and soul.
What books of aspirations should we teach to some body
How should we tell what is to be learnt in the journey
The beauty was strolling before us with full pride
But we had been writing books on the beautiful.
In our fondness of journey we have forgotten the ways to destination
We have forgotten the cool shade of the locks
Time gave in our hands the ordinary
And we forgot the loving ones are around us.
The body is burning let us find some cool shade
Let us find some kind friends in this cruel world
Although it is difficult to find some faithful friend
Yet we should not lose heart and continue our search.
It is not easy to find some consoling door
It is not so easy to find some person who can change your fate
Let us find that home which gives shelter
To those who always feel to be insecure.
One has to go very deep to know the truths of life
One has to share the grief of others at par
You cannot bring any body out of misery
Unless you peep into his heart and find solution to his sorrows.
We have the capability of absorbing sorrows of others
We can wither the roses in us and make them pale
Such a cold wind blows in us some times
That freezes every thing lying there.
We have an obsession to look into others
We are fond of finding ruins and planting life there
What a self-deception is working within us we cannot find
We console ourselves by some sweet memories when aggrieved.
We are seeing off our dears with a heavy heart
We have been loving them silently very silently
When ever there is a test for our love
We shall prove what a devotion we have for you.
I donít know where from the people come to my eyes
There are crowds every day to stay there
Some times these eyes do not have even a drop of tear
And some times these are flowing like a river.
Are these the words or the pearls in the beads of prayer
What a blessing are these words for sorrowful hearts
There is a wonderful beauty in those eyes
And it is very difficult to give any name to it.
We see with wistful eyes our feathers scattering in the cage
What a dreadful experience for a bird to live and die every moment
It is however enjoyable to imagine of the high flights
And to over come the miseries experienced in prison.
See there may be some burning coal underneath
See that some passionate moment comes to life
It may happen that the left-over traveler
Still may be sitting in the bog of his thoughts.
We have implored much the spring to come to us
You, O, the youth play some sweet cords of happiness
But you have to keep in mind the jealous people
Otherwise they would spoil even the simplest pleasures.
We go leaving the story of pain half told
We keep on bearing the burden of journey on ourselves
Although, O, Life, you have been playing tricks with us
Yet we shall leave no stone unturned for your happiness.
The heart does not feel any changes of its sacrifice
We had been bearing the cruelties of time since long
Even then life takes pleasure out of these difficulties
Some times it enjoys the burning heat of the desert
And some times it sits in the cool shadow of your long hair.
Go on seeing the active life on land the indifferent sky
Go seeing the delights that are given by the heart
If you have a few moments to spare come this way
And see the destiny of those boats that sink near the shore.
How happy are the fruits bending their own boughs
How happy are the people defeating the loving hearts
People know that the small houses of sand are temporary
Yet they are happy in making these houses for themselves.

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