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An Obscure Sojourn


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

We are all making in our lives
An obscure sojourn and asking
Ourselves where to go.
It is only that celestial light
Which tells of our purpose
But alas! We do not have time
To search or look to that light
And when ever it comes in our way
We turn our eyes aside
Because we have no time
To look into its beauty.
Our chief business of life
Has become to feed ourselves
And feed well, and to care
For the luxuries which we have
Invented to make ourselves
Forgetful of ourselves
We are studying books
Not for knowledge, not for awareness
Of God, Man and the Universe
But to find out good jobs
To enable ourselves to be
Men of resources. We do not know
How bad bargain are we making
Of our hearts and souls
And how are we deserting our real selves
And that happiness which can be
Available to us without any sufferings
And harms to other human beings
Thus in this process we are singing
To ourselves the song of eternal
Chaos and an everlasting dark night.

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