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Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

The dictionaries tell us the ability in a man
Is a capacity to do something or perform successfully
It is also said that behind an able man there are
Always other able men who enable him
To manifest his ability before the people
Yet it remains a fact that as we advance in our lives
We come to learn the limits of our abilities
There remains however a vivid difference of
What a man judges himself and what he feels
Capable of doing something to be called
The work of an able and capable man
It is, however, not important for a man
To think himself able and capable
The more important fact is what the people
Think of that man and how do they judge him
Is it possible for a man to prove able?
When there is no opportunity for him to show
What manifestations of ability he has
When there is no opportunity at all
Is there any use of the thinking of a man?
That he keeps on thinking himself able
Of course there is no use of ability when
There is the scarcity of opportunity
And there is no use of the thinking of a man
That he keeps on thinking that he is able
That is exactly what is happening with
The highly intelligent and able individuals
Living in countries and states that are called
The under developed and the developing one.

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