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Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

This is true that the man inside me
Is greater than me
Who has the quality of enduring
Every tragedy, every pain
With a greater skill and delicacy
This is true that the man inside me
Is greater than me.

And what of me
I am succumbed with a little grief
I become helpless before any infidelity
And it seems difficult for me to live
But in such a situation
It prevents me to stagger
Whenever a wrong word tries to come
On my lips, it comes forward
And changes these words to goodness
It is true that the man inside me
Is greater than me.

Whenever I am deceived by the world
And am disheartened, it encourages me
Whenever I am depressed
It comes to me and shows me the bright paths
It touches me with its lovely hands
And fondles me like a mother
And prepares me for new challenges
With an inspiration of love and kindness
It enlightens my dark eyes with a new light
It removes the dryness and thirst from my lips
Which gets together in thousand layers
It provides me the large ocean of love
It is true that the man inside me
Is greater than me.

It he who makes my eyes
Aware of the new realities of life
And highlights what loves and envies I am facing
It makes clear to me what are difficulties
In the journey of life
And what are the realities still unknown
It changes the poison within me into elixir
It is true that the man within me
Is greater than me.

Sometimes it removes my disappointments
By lifting me to its shoulders
As a breeze lifts a fragrance
And takes me to its beautiful garden
Where hatred, envy and enmity are unknown
And when it transports me to its dwelling
I see there a crowed of beauties,
Loves and sympathies
It is a place that brings new realities
Of life to me every moment
And the truth of this world receive me
As the important guest
And whenever I come back from this garden
I say to myself there is no doubt
That the man within me
Is greater than me.

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