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Edie Miller 

Relocation of body, spirit and mind. 
Crawling into a space so small and remote, 
you'll never find me 
with your fists of rage 
and misplaced hatred. 

Forced into hiding, 
donning a mask of anonymity on the outside 
while a cloak of unplanned emptiness 
covers my soul. 
I go forward with trepidation 
knowing I will never again be the same person, 
You saw to that. 

Faced with mortality, a choice is made. 
Terror is replaced with tenacity 
or left unbridled. 
The road ahead is paved with uncertainty 
but shouldered with faith. 

Always will I be faced 
with the ferocity you unleashed. 
Flinch after flinch 
I will feel the imaginary pain 
that once was very real. 

A haunted life I now lead, 
shadowed with elusive nightmares 
and waking demons. 

But live on I will, 
facing each day with the grace of God, 
knowing I was spared.

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