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E. Peng

What’s in a name?

Would it be any different if a Zit were instead called a Bit or a Yit or a Xit?

Does it mean anything to assign the Zit the last letter of the alphabet?

Perhaps it’s punishing the word Zit.


The last letter of the alphabet receives as good of treatment as the last person.

Nobody cares about the last person.

Nobody wants to be the last person.

The last person gets the scraps, the leftovers.

The last person misses the opportunity to get an autograph from the famous celebrity.

Even the last person doesn’t want to be the last person.

So the Zit is like the last person.

Nobody wants it.

Nobody likes it.

Everyone wants it to disappear.

Nobody can really kill it.

No one can explain it.

We just think it’s a mysterious fear.

It’s funny that the Zit is red.

What if it were bright orange?

Or neon?

How about rainbow-colored?

Wouldn’t that be something?

The Zit would alternate



Why don’t they sparkle?



Like body glitter?

They look so ugly that the media can’t glamorize



The media can glamorize the bra and the underwear

But they can only try to kill the Zit.


The Zit is the “It” guy

No one wants to be “It”

Ever play hide-and-seek?

Being the “It” guy is degrading.

All say

Not it,

Not it,

But the one who was too slow on the words

He becomes the “IT” guy.

You think that words are randomly assigned a name?


Not at all.

Things would be drastically different

If Zit were instead a “Tum.”

Tums would be round


And Green

And everyone would like it.

Not like the Zit.


What’s in a name?

What’s in a color?


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