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What Is Love?


Durrell B. Robinson

Do you know what love is?
Or do you really care?
Does it mean to give your prized possession?
Does it mean you have to share?

I can't say I know what love is.
I cannot say for sure;
But I know it's something wonderful;
I know it's something pure.

Love is a special decision you make,
To love someone with all your heart.
To dedicate your life to someone you trust,
Even though it may be falling apart.

It means helping them with their homework,
Before you get to do your chores.
It means listening to their problems,
Before you tell them yours.

Love is a very hard thing to define
Because you can't see, hear or smell it.
You can't get your hands on it, or move it around,
You can't barter, buy or sell it.

Some people think it's a feeling you get,
Like the jitters or sweat in your palms.
Some people say it's a blessing from God,
Like when your great-granddaughter sings you a song.

Love is always great, whenever you get it,
But it is always hard to find.
It's like looking for a river in the Kalahari Dessert.
Or for gold in an old coal mine.

Although it comes up in mysterious ways,
You will always know because there is a sign from above.
And if it happens to you, you will see very clearly,
The answer to "What is Love?"

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