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A Magician


Dr.Sirisha Dabiru

Love!      I never knew you are a great magician
                I never knew you create so many wonders
                Sometimes you make us feel on top of the world
                Sometimes you make us feel low
                Sometimes you force us to learn new things
                Sometimes you make us disinterested in the world
                You are the most beautiful feeling in the world
                Your presence in the heart makes a person feel rich and blessed
                The desire to conquer you makes a person obsessed

Love!      You have multiple personality
                Sometimes you make a person creative
                When disturbed the same person can be destructive
                You can make the best of a person
                You can make the worse of a person
                You can make a person king
                You can make a person monk
                Sometimes you are a peacemaker
                Sometimes you are rivalry creator

Love!      Your scales are never balanced
                You touch every human being's heart
                Make them realize their humanity
                You leave permanent marks on a person's soul
                Even death cant wipe them off
                You are invisible
                But, you cannot be hidden

Love!      I call you a magician

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