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Woman In Woods

Dr. Sirisha Dabiru

Moon had spread his blanket over the blue sky
Cool breeze was roaming around
Nature had started its musical concert
Tall, dark trees were nodding their heads to nature’s tune

She entered the thick woods quietly
She stopped at a lake, sat on the grass bed
She was admiring the beauty of a white lotus
Her face was partially covered with a veil
Her ringlets were dancing with the cool breeze
Her dark, playful eyes got fixed on the tilting moon’s image in the lake

The smell of Night Queen took her into trans mood
She gently closed her eyes
Cool breeze sealed her eyelids completely
She was wandering in her dream world
Fog was spreading around her like a mosquito curtain
She could hear the footsteps of someone
Dry leaves were making crackling sound
She felt that someone was standing near her
She was trying to figure out that someone
She tried raising the curtain of mist
A dewdrop collapsed on her palm silently
She felt a complete jerk
Every thing got melted away in a minute
She opened her eyes
Her eyes and heart were still searching for that someone
Nature’s concert was still going on
Moon was applauding with a bright smile

She smiled at her thoughts
She moved ahead leaving the woods behind

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