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Dr.Sirisha Dabiru

O Silence! Who are you?
People say that you are golden
People feel you are a source of peace
You are required everywhere
Hospitals, libraries, Offices .......

Are you an apostle of peace?
Are you a solution provider?
When people want to think seriously
They require you
When people want to take rest
They require you

My heart wants to say so many things
My brain feels I shouldn’t take any risk
It asks me to keep silent
So, are you a synonym of ‘Escapism’?

Sometimes you are a great mediator
Sometimes you are big ‘communication gap’

When life is going on mechanically
I say life is very silent
When someone passes away
We observe silence for a few minutes

When I am contended, I am silent
When I am sad, I am silent
When I fall short of words, I am silent
When I am with mother ‘Nature’, I am silent
When my emotions overflow my heart, I shed tears silently

O silence! Who are you?
Apostle of peace / Escapist / My companion?
Whoever you are, I need you all the time
I find your presence everywhere
O silence! Invisible you are!

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