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Dr.Sirisha Dabiru

It is dusk time
Sea waves are rehearsing for a dance concert
Seagulls are playing in a gay mood
The sound of sea waves is giving the feeling
That microphone is being set for a singer to sing
There is an air of festivity around
Vendorsí efforts to attract visitors
Mouthwatering aroma of lemon, raw onions and tender mangoes is seasoning the salty air

A cute little child is decorating his sand house sincerely
With flowers and conch shells
His innocent eyes are confirming his motherís presence at the shore
The lady is busy collecting pebbles
She is gathering her sonís dreams

The child is glad with his creation
His admiration is reflecting in his eyes and smile

Mother handed over a small cloth bag
His fingers could feel the treasure
His tiny heart is jumping with joy
His gleaming eyes got widen at the sight of colorful pebbles
Mother beautified the sand house with pebbles
That small abode is appearing like a paradise
His happiness knew no boundaries
He kissed his motherís hand
One more drop is added to motherís ocean of sweet memories
Nobody knew what made their faces so bright
Twilight or happiness!

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